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Melbourne homeowners are quite prone to blocked drains issues. Blocked drains are one of the most widely known plumbing issues that individuals may experience on a daily basis. If you have not had the problem yourself, it is more likely you know someone who has. Blocked drain issue can strike when it is least expected. The thing about blocked drains is that not only it causes a great inconvenience in the household, but blocked drains are also utterly disgusting; swarming with microbes and encouraging an odour-inducing issue for everyone. Aside from blocked drains being an certain wellbeing risk, they can also prompt various other nuisances that can become both problematic and costly if not sorted out quickly.

Why did your drain get blocked?

Most people believe blocked drains are caused by something that has passed through the drain and finally caused a blockage. However, there are also other causes. A build-up of fat, oil, grease, hair or food scraps can clog drains, stopping them from flowing smoothly, sometimes even lead to a foul smell. Preventative action can be done by using a drain strainer to halt food and hair from being rinsed down the drain pipe and dispose of fat, grease, and oil in the trash. Damaged pipes like even a little crack in a drain pipe may cause problems that can hinder plumbing systems from removing the gross drain odours. If your drains have been having problems for a while in spite of many attempts at drain cleaning and clearing to eliminate the smell, there may be an issue with poor installation or faulty repairs. Faulty plumbing installation is unquestionably for your plumber to deal with completely. Getting to the bottom of the problem of why your drains are smelly may require some observation. Hence, do not hesitate to contact your plumber for some professional help if the odours remain as there might be many upcoming problems involved

Where can you get blocked drains issue?

  • Baths, showers and basins, a blocked bath drain, blocked shower drain or blocked basin drain can be developed from soap and toothpaste residue, hair and other bathroom wastes.
  • Toilets, a blocked toilet drain is mostly a result of hygienic napkins or baby wipes, excessive toilet paper, tree roots or flushed foreign material.
  • Stormwater and external floor drain, storm water drains and sewer drains found in driveways, walkways and even your roof can immediately get clogged with dirt, leaves, tree root infiltrations, and other household waste materials. This can be a serious matter, as it can result in water damage and leaking sewerage, both of which can make you spend so much money to repair and can make your home environment to be contaminated if left for a long period.
  • Urinals, if you own a business property, you most likely have a publicly accessible toilet, which means you have got a urinal. Urinals can get blocked, too. Blocked urinals are typically caused by a slow accumulation of crystal-like deposits, and should be unblocked straight away
  • Sinks, blocked sink drains can be frustrating. Things like oily and greasy residue, soap, food scraps and other debris in the kitchen can cause a blocked sink. Surely you can be careful, but it is unlikely that you can prevent your sink from blocking.
  • Laundry drains, if you walked into your laundry to find water all over the floor, chances are you are dealing with a blocked laundry drain. It’s most likely caused by build-ups of hair, lint and soap.

Who should you call to fix your blocked drains?

A professional plumbing team is highly recommended for any homeowner to call when they are not certain what to do with their blocked drain problem—whether they should unblock the drain themselves or not. While this may sound like an easy option, they may have not spent time to consider the dangerous potentials and the horrific consequences it may cause. When you start to see indications that your drain will create an issue, it is necessary to handle the issue quickly before you are faced with a worsening issue that causes even more difficult, serious issues.

Regardless of which part of Melbourne you reside in, what plumbing issues you deal with, or when you need to call a professional, make sure you have WP Plumbing Melbourne number handy. We are highly experienced and well-equipped with the resources and the equipment to solve any of your blocked drains issues. For more detailed information about our blocked drains service, please do not hesitate to give WP Plumbing a call.

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