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Plumbing: Where Do Most Clogs Occur In House Drains?

Dealing with the clogged drain can be incredibly frustrating and time-consuming. Having to wait around for a plumber to come in and clear all the mess after they remove the block can become a harrowing experience for any property owner. Unfortunately, since the plumbing systems are mostly out of sight, they are also out of mind. We rarely pay attention to them until something goes wrong.

Drain Blocks – The Vulnerable Areas in Your House

A clogged drain is quite a common plumbing problem, and we at WP Plumbing can tackle this job for you quickly and efficiently. There are some common areas in the house where drain blockages occur, such as:

  • Toilets – These are dreaded blockages and something that anyone would want to avoid under all circumstances. Dealing with a blocked toilet is very troublesome, and you need to address it without delay. If the blockage becomes stubborn, the water will overflow from the bowl and create a mess all over the bathroom floor. When you flush dissolvable items into the toilet, such as diaper wipes or feminine hygiene products, they can result in severe blockages.
  • Showers – Clogs in showers are another major problem. If you notice that the water in the shower isn’t draining as fast as it should, you likely have a clog building up inside the drain pipe. You must address this problem without delay so that the water can flow freely and you do not have to deal with soapy, dirty water building up in the shower or tub around your ankles. These blockages are generally created by hair, soap, dirt etc. Regular maintenance helps in preventing these issues.
  • Kitchen Sink – Many people lead busy lives, and they try to wrap up all the chores in the kitchen as quickly as possible. However, when you are preparing meals, discarding waste, doing the dishes, washing the utensils, etc., there are certain standard things that you should follow. Only if you have garbage disposal should you discard tiny scraps of food in the sink. Never discard hard or crunchy foods in the garbage disposal as those can ultimately result in drain blockages.

Grease and oil buildup is also another primary culprit in kitchen sink blockages. The best way to discard any oil or grease that you have used for cooking is to bag the grease and dispose it in the garbage. Even when you are cleaning greasy pans, it is best to wipe them down with some kitchen towels as that will prevent the oil from building up inside the drain pipe and resulting in a blockage.

Plumbing Maintenance in Melbourne

These are the common areas where blockages occur. Regular plumbing maintenance goes a long way in helping to prevent these issues. You should hire the services of experts like us for preventive plumbing maintenance. Our team will come in at regular intervals to your property. They will use the latest tools and equipment, and make sure that all the plumbing installations and drain pipes are clear of issues.

We can handle drain blocks in Melbourne projects of all shapes and sizes and maintain affordable costs. For any more information about our plumbing services, please call WP Plumbing at this number (03) 9909 5128; we are available 24/7. You can also write to us through this Online Form.

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