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Despite how robust they appear to be, pipes are not permanent. Over time they start to wear out, and even the strongest pipes will break under the tension of years of application and start leaking or even worse, burst and flood a portion of your home.

Sometimes even brand-new pipes get broken due to external factors, such as tree roots slowly growing around the pipe, or blocked drains, which ends in the pipe growing too constricted and ultimately bursting.

Either way, if your pipes decide to give out eventually, then you are granted with two options. The first option requires you getting the pipes replaced entirely or at the very least, the segment of the pipe that has been damaged (where the only one section will depend on the general state of the pipes, and the damage caused to the other sections can be replaced).

The second option requires preparing for a process known as "pipe relining". Pipe relining works similarly as the goals to total pipe replacement, which both end up leading to your pipes working again.

Did you know that intensive pipe repairs are possible without digging them up?

Yes, you guessed it right- it's pipe relining that we're talking about. If you aren't looking forward to destroying your garden or knocking down walls for a simple repair, then relining is the solution. And we are your best service for tackling all pipe relining needs in Melbourne.

But before you call us, you'd want to know all the details. And in the following sections, we have decoded everything you need to know about it.

What is pipe relining?

Even before we can walk you through the specifics of the pipe relining technology, it's crucial to understand the process.

Simply, drain pipe relining or CIPP (Cured-In-Place Pipelining) is the procedure of replacing existing pipelines with a "no-dig" method. It's usually done by repairing pipes and drains from the inside using a special resin. With time, the resin hardens to form a strong, pipe-like structure inside the original pipe.

Our pipe relining specialists work with a resin-saturated felt tube (generally made from polyester or fibreglass), which is inserted into the damaged pipe. The resin then hardens to create a new pipe that may be even stronger than the previous one.

This no-dig, trenchless technology is becoming increasingly popular in Melbourne homes for being a value-for-money and trouble-free solution. On that note, let's now take a look at the steps involved.

Step 1

Like any other drain repair, pipe relining also begins with the pipe inspection and examination. The pipes or drains are thoroughly checked to determine the extent of the damage. This step was traditionally performed with the help of CCTV cameras, but our plumbers today employ a FELL (Forced Electron Leak Location) device for the same.

Step 2

Once the damage has been assessed, the next step is to get rid of any blockages in the drainpipe, which is typically a two-fold process. It begins with removing the large blockages using robotic cutters. Then a high-pressure water jet is used to clean the pipelining for the resin to set.

Step 3

In most cases, our pipe relining Melbourne experts conduct a final check with our cameras to ensure that the pipe is spotless and ready for relining. This is also the step where the length of the pipelining is measured.

Step 4

After the pipes have been measured, the next step is saturating them with epoxy resin (also known as curing). This means that the entire pipe is filled with the resin that would eventually become the new pipe. Generally, the saturation is initiated from an access point upstream.

One thing to keep in mind here is that the curved sections or joints of the pipe (like sewer pipe) are difficult to deal with. Hence, the drain pipe relining process can become more time-consuming depending on the pipe or drain design.

Step 5

The next step post-curing is perhaps the longest step in the entire process. Although the resin can be left to dry manually, many specialists prefer using hot water for accelerated drying. The resin-saturated pipes and drains are also exposed to UV radiation for achieving complete hardness.

Step 6

Before checking the pipe for proper water flow, all the junctions and inspection pits are removed. While robot cutters take care of the former, the latter can be eliminated using any surface-level cutter or grinders.

Step 7

With this, your pipe relining process is complete! Most pipe relining services will conduct multiple checks to ensure that all the drains and pipes are working well, so don't forget to keep an out eye for that.

What are the advantages of pipe relining?

One of the most significant advantages of pipe relining Melbourne is that it doesn't require the additional cost and hassle of digging up the adjoining areas. In fact, this is a primary reason why we are flooded with calls requesting pipe relining.

However, there are several other reasons why Melbourne residents are turning in favour of this no-dig pipe repair service.

1. Less Landscaping Problems

If you have had a traditional pipe repair done before, you'd know that digging up the area for drain repairs can lead to a major disruption in the landscape. But with a pipe relining service at your disposal, you can do away with this issue.

Not only that but digging the ground can also harm a lot of tree root intrusions that help bind the ground. You may need to remove some ground covering materials and put them back when the repair is complete.

However, the time and cost involved will only add to the trouble. To avoid these, many clients prefer getting their sewer pipes and sewer lines repaired via drain relining.

Likewise, any holes or trenches in the garden or street while repairing outdoor (storm water) drains are extremely accident-prone excavation spots for both people and pets. Drain relining causes minimal disturbance to the surface. On top of that, your house will remain mess-free with the pipes and drains becoming as good as new!

2. Easy To Repair

Compared to traditional digging, relining can be considered a faster and easier alternative. It offers seamless access to those hard-to-reach corners of any blocked drain or pipe. It strengthens the plumbing system at a fraction of the time required for installing new pipes.

3. Value Addition

Having a durable plumbing system will invariably add to the resale value of your home. And with relining, you can do so with low labour and peripheral costs.

Who should you call for effective pipe relining service?

Pipes can be particularly challenging to maintain and repair. Pipes come in all shapes and sizes, which means that their specifications vary. 

Ultimately, pipe relining can be quite a complex process. Look no further than WP Plumbing to help you with a professional and efficient pipe relining Melbourne services. We have all that it takes to perform an excellent job at pipe relining. Get in touch with us at WP Plumbing.

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So, is a pipe (or drain) relining an effective, long-term solution?

If you ask us - we'd say it is. As we have already mentioned before, having newer pipes within the older ones makes for a durable plumbing system that's second to none! The high demand for hassle-free drainage is proof of how well this technology works.

That said, you can't always get the best results by working with any local plumber. When you hire us, we ensure that your pipe and drain relining process goes as smoothly as possible. Our experts have years of experience on the job and are well-versed with the nitty-gritty of the task.

Just visit our contact page, leave a message or email us. In case of an emergency, you can even call us on our dedicated phone line. Rest assured that a representative will be there to answer any queries you might have.

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