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Are you fed up with your high water pressure problem?

After enjoying a hearty meal, you turn on the tap to wash your hands in the sink when water gushes out at full speed. Your clothes are soaked, and altering the pressure is impossible, no matter how hard you try. So, you close the tap and go to dry off, considering it a simple issue and completely forgetting about the excess water pressure.

High Water Pressure Harmful

But if your water pressure is too high, it can damage the plumbing system and lead to expensive repairs.

Water pressure in your home is similar to high blood pressure, which stresses other body parts and may lead to severe health issues if left untreated for longer. The issue is identifying high water pressure inside your home or office isn’t as easy as it may sound.

To avoid unnecessary expenses, read this article on how high water pressure can harm your home’s plumbing and how you can fix high water-pressure plumbing problems.

Detecting High Water Pressure

Close Tap Turned

Detecting high water pressure is simple; you only need to turn on the tap and put your hand under the water. If the pressure is high, you’ll be able to feel it.

Other tell-tale signs include rattling or banging sounds inside the pipes due to the excess water flowing through them. When the pressure is normal, water travels through the pipes evenly, known as laminar flow. But if the pressure increases drastically, water jumps and bounces inside the pipes, which produces a banging sound. This is called chaotic flow.

Causes Of High Water Pressure

Just as the pressure inside the pipes can decrease and water flow reduces to a trickle, it can increase and damage the pipes. So, why does water pressure change in the first place?

Sink Chrome Pipe Repair

1. Location

Sometimes, high water pressure can result from living in a geographically unsuitable area in Australia. Everything could be okay with the system, but you might still find high water pressure when, for instance, you live downhill.

Most homes at the bottom of a hill struggle to maintain steady water pressure. You can’t control gravity, so unless you’re willing to relocate, there’s not much to do in such a scenario.

2. Issues With Pressure Limiting Valves

Plumbing systems have pressure-limiting valves to control the water pressure and prevent fluctuations. Have these valves checked by a professional whenever you have work done on the pipelines.

Homes that don’t have pressure-limiting valves or, worse, damaged and poorly installed valves are more susceptible to chaotic water flow.

3. Air Pockets

Air pockets are a significant problem and increase the water pressure suddenly when trapped air bubbles rise to the surface. This usually happens in the high points around the system, which results in a bottleneck and hinders the normal flow of water.

The pressure slowly increases since the water flowing through the pipes is less than the expected supply. If the water finds a way through, it comes out at a higher velocity, so removing the air bubbles is crucial to prevent pipe damage.

Constant air pressure inside the plumbing pipes requires a professional company to restore the water pressure to normal.

Why High Water Pressure Can Harm Your Home’s Plumbing System

Even though you may feel more water is better than a reduced supply, high water pressure isn’t good for the plumbing system. It can lead to one or more of the following issues:

Confused Lady Sink Problem

1. Water Wastage

The human race has reached a tipping point where we must conserve or perish our natural resources. Now is not the time for wastewater; fixing high water pressure should be your priority.

If turning on the taps even gently causes a torrent of water to gush out, your plumbing system isn’t doing you any favours. And if caring for the environment isn’t your concern, exorbitantly high water bills from wasted water will grab your attention!

2. Burst Pipes

We have spoken about high water pressure damaging pipes, and if left unchecked, the pipes may eventually burst. This will lead to flooding as well as damage to your belongings.

Your pipes may wear out faster, while the rattling caused due to high water pressure can loosen the pipe joints. So, locate the shut-off valve and hire a licensed plumbing agency when you notice a higher-than-normal water pressure.

3. Appliances Wear Out Faster

Most people forget that high water pressure can damage other water fixtures and appliances apart from the pipeline. Every device, like washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters, etc., has a safe water limit. Anything more than that will cause them to wear out sooner due to additional stress, and you will either have to replace them or make expensive repairs.

Protect Your Plumbing From High Water Pressure

We hope you are better prepared to deal with the menace of high water pressure. If you have excessive water pressure, you can speak with our team to install a water pressure regulator. Water pressure regulators are plumbing valves that reduce water usage in your home and prevent water damage.

Another common sign of high pressure is leaking faucets, running toilets or plumbing leaks. This is due to the pipe damage caused to your plumbing supply line by the pressure. High water pressure issues may also cause water hammer, a banging noise you may hear coming from your pipes. You can prevent high water pressure by installing a water pressure gauge or a pressure reduction valve. In that case, calling a licensed plumber is the best thing you can do.

Too much of anything isn’t good, and this is especially true for water supply and usage. But instead of trying to fix the problem yourself, always call a professional plumbing agency. As you can see, if high water pressure problems are left untreated for an extended period, you may encounter all sorts of nasty troubles. So, if you are in Melbourne and need a plumber, contact the WP Plumbing team. We use the latest tools to quickly locate the source of the issue and provide an efficient solution.

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