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Blocked Toilet
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Blocked Toilet Specialist In Melbourne

In a pinch looking for a quick solution to your blocked toilet? Melbourne residents look no further for round-the-clock quality professional service with WP Plumbing!

A clogged toilet drain can be unforeseen plumbing problems that halts everything. It becomes priority number one to get fixed as soon as possible.

After all, having a functioning toilet is the most vital part of any construction project. But there are times when using a plunger is not enough.

So, what are you to do when everything else fails? That’s where WP Plumbing steps in. Our licensed and insured technicians have no blocked drain issue we can not solve.

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Toilet Repairs Melbourne

To book an appointment with us, you can use our hotline on our webpage for any emergency plumbing situation. Once the details of your problem are noted and a suitable time is scheduled, one of our professional licensed plumbers will be sent over to your place.

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The Problem

Blocked Toilet?

We realise that a blocked toilet can happen at any time of the year. To cater to these emergencies, we have an all-year-round professional blocked toilet plumber team that performs various services. We’ll send one of our professionals to your home within an hour of booking. Operating 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, including public holidays, you will not be left alone when you have a plumbing emergency.

Catering to all of Melbourne’s plumbing needs, we at WP Plumbing cater to any plumbing-related issue at any time of the day. Our 24x7 emergency services are your safety net when you need us. And with a combined experience of 50 years, the team dispatched to you will come with the latest equipment and get the job done efficiently and with quality.

We ensure no hidden fees or interest you need to pay later with all our reasonable prices listed on our website. What you see is what you pay. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality customer satisfaction. After a complimentary inspection, our professional Melbourne plumbers will let you know about the problem and provide a quote for fixing it.

Blocked Toilet
Why Is Your Toilet Blocked
The Solution

Why Is Your Toilet Blocked

There are several reasons behind blocked toilets. If someone tried to flush non-flushable items or used too much toilet paper, the toilet trap could have caused a blockage.

You can usually solve these toilet blockages using a plunger for a few minutes. If a plunger fails to unclog your toilet, it could be due to the low flow of your toilet, which means less water, which doesn’t have enough pressure to flush away, causing a clog.

Another cause of a blocked toilet could be waste build-up in the main sewer line, requiring special tools and expertise to clear. A common source of blockage in modern toilets is a build-up of material in the roof vent, which controls air pressure when flushing. With an eventual build-up of sticks, leaves, and other debris, it is advised to employ a local, professional plumber to locate the blockage and clear the vent. This job requires specialised tools and knowledge of Melbourne blocked drain plumbers.

If you need high-quality plumbing services, call us today. Our friendly, local plumbers provide a very good job and excellent service across Melbourne. We can help with overflowing toilets, toilet problems, plumbing issues, and even new hot water system installation.

Our team uses the latest technology and is fully licensed, so you can count on prompt attention and a rapid response. We’re highly recommended for our high standard of work, and we’ll get the job done quickly.

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You can make an online booking on our website. Please leave your contact details and the problem; one of our representatives will confirm the booking within an hour.

We are available 24 hours, seven days a week, to clear blocked drains in Melbourne.

You are in safe hands with WP Plumbing, tackling any bathroom plumbing emergencies efficiently. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time! We are here to serve and solve any issues that you may have.

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