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Your Satisfaction is Our Accomplishment

WP Plumbing's goal is to provide excellent quality of plumbing services to residents all across Melbourne area. We provide an extensive range of plumbing services, including drainage solutions and gas fitting services. Not convinced enough? At WP Plumbing, we ensure that we only hire exceptionally trained plumbers in Melbourne with the expertise and qualifications to give you the best possible plumbing solutions. Our plumbing services cover all areas in Melbourne.

WP Plumbing should be the name that first comes to your mind when you need reliable plumbing solutions in Melbourne. Do not waste any more time in searching for the best local plumbers in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs—we are the right answer. Anytime you give us a call, you can talk your plumbing issues over and our administration will assist you in the best manner possible and schedule when to send our plumbing experts to your location.

We only employ fully trained local plumbers. If you are part of the Melbourne community, go no further than a reliable plumbing team that is WP Plumbing as your first and only choice of plumbing services in Melbourne. We pride ourselves on being efficient.  You can rely on our highly skilled, fully insured and fully licensed experts to ensure that all your blocked drain problems are solved quickly and efficiently. We have work vehicles that are always loaded with all the professional-grade plumbing equipment.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at WP Plumbing to learn more about our plumbing services such as unblocking drains, pipe relining, gas-fitting, and other general plumbing services. We look forward to assisting the people of Melbourne!

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Blocked Drains Expert in Melbourne

Melbourne homeowners are quite prone to blocked drains issues. Blocked drains are one of the most widely known plumbing issues that individuals may experience on a daily basis. If you have not had the problem yourself, it is more likely you know someone who has. Blocked drain issue can strike when it is least expected. The thing about blocked drains is that not only it causes a great inconvenience in the household, but blocked drains are also utterly disgusting; swarming with microbes and encouraging an odour-inducing issue for everyone.

Aside from blocked drains being an certain wellbeing risk, they can also prompt various other nuisances that can become both problematic and costly if not sorted out quickly.

A professional plumbing team is highly recommended for any homeowner to call when they are not certain what to do with their blocked drain problem; whether they should unblock the drain themselves or not. While this may sound like an easy option, they may have not spent time to consider the dangerous potentials and the horrific consequences it may cause.

When you start to see indications that your drain will create an issue, it is necessary to handle the issue quickly before you are faced with a worsening issue that causes even more difficult, serious issues. Blocked drain is a plumbing issue that none of us wants to deal with at any given chance. If you have got one, you need it fixed quickly and effectively. When you begin to see signs that your drain will cause an issue, it is essential to treat the issue quickly before you are faced with a worsening issue that causes even more difficult, serious issues.

If you are a Melbourne resident and are currently facing an issue with blockage occurring in your drains, let WP Plumbing step in to solve all the issues in a professional and timely manner.

wp plumbing promise
  • Experienced & Skilled Plumbers
  • Emergency Plumbing Service

  • On-Time Job Completion

  • Reliable & Friendly Technicians

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

  • 50 Years Combined Experience

  • 24/7 Emergency Services

  • Affordable Rates for Quality Services


Pipe Relining Solutions in Melbourne

Despite how robust they appear to be, pipes are not permanent. Over time they start to wear out, and even the strongest pipes will break under the tension of years of application and start leaking or even worse, burst and flood a portion of your home. Sometimes even brand-new pipes get broken due to external factors, such as tree roots slowly growing around the pipe, which ends in the pipe growing too constricted and ultimately bursting.

Either way, if your pipes decide to give out eventually, then you are granted with two options. The first option requires you getting the pipes replaced entirely or at the very least, the segment of the pipe that has been damaged (where the only one section will depend on the general state of the pipes, and the damage caused to the other sections can be replaced). The second option requires preparing for a process known as "pipe relining". Pipe relining is not the same as total pipe replacement. With pipe relining, a material is placed inside the pipe, it is then expanded to produce a sort of "inner layer" within the pipe. For example, if a pipe suffers from a lot of cracks that water would leak through, the pipe relining resolves that issue by forming a new layer that is crack-free. Although, pipe relining shares the same goal as the total pipe replacement, which both end up leading to your pipes functioning properly again.

Pipes can be particularly challenging to maintain and repair. Pipes come in all shapes and sizes, which means that their specifications vary. Ultimately, pipe relining can be quite a complex process. Look no further than WP Plumbing to help you with a professional and efficient pipe relining services. We have all that it takes to perform an excellent job at pipe relining. Get in touch with us at WP Plumbing.

Contact us immediately to find out more about our plumbing services at WP Plumbing.


Plumbing issues like leaking taps, blocked drains and burst pipes occur when least expected, leaving you in a mess.

These problems might not seem like much, but if not addressed at the right time, they could lead to potential water damage, flooding and even electrical short circuits. In such situations, we would highly recommend contacting an experienced emergency plumber.

Our Melbourne plumbing services can help with this. We take pride in our reliable, well-equipped and licensed plumbers, who will be at your service at any time of the day or night. Our 24-hour emergency plumbing team is an asset to our company as they offer premium-quality gas fitting, repair, and plumbing services throughout Melbourne for 365 days, including public holidays.

Once you reach out to us, we'll strive to get your plumbing issue addressed as soon as possible.

Emergency Plumbers Melbourne

You might land up with a plumbing problem at any point in time. It could be a dripping kitchen tap, keeping you up all night, or a blocked drain leading to a messy affair. To tackle these issues instantly, it's important to keep a reliable plumbing company, with a team of professional plumbers spread across Melbourne, at hand.

Most plumbing services offer expert plumbers available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Similarly, our team of professionals come with years of experience in the plumbing industry. Whether it's to repair blocked drains or service hot water service and systems, you can rely on our emergency plumbing service to get the job done in no time.

One phone call to our helpline number, and we'll send a professional plumber to your doorstep at the scheduled time to take care of all your plumbing issues.

When To Call A Plumber?

1. Weak Water Flow:

Call us if there's weak or no water flowing from the taps of your kitchen or bathroom. This usually happens when there a blockage in the pipeline or in case of burst pipes.

2. Spike In Water Bills:

A sudden spike in water bills is a common sign of water leakage in the plumbing system. It could be a leaking pipe or a tap; a skilled and trusted plumber will be able to determine the actual cause.

3. Slow Drainage Systems:

Water draining slowly indicates blocked drainage systems. It could be caused due to many reasons, but only a plumber will be able to find the source of the blockage and provide quick fixes.

4. Foul Odour:

Traps and drains are designed to prevent sewer line gases and odours from reaching homes. But if the drain vent breaks or the trap turns dry, one may experience a foul smell. This needs to be fixed by an experienced and licensed plumber.

5. Pipe Discoloration:

Call us if you notice discoloured pipes in the basement of your home. This is a tell-tale sign of a dripping or leaking pipe, but it may also be a more serious plumbing issue, which might cause a mess in the near future.

Find A Plumber In Melbourne - Why Us?

You'll definitely need to find a plumber in Melbourne to install a hot water system, unclog your toilet drain, fix gas leaks and various other plumbing issues. That said, finding reliable plumbing services in Melbourne is not that difficult. But you should definitely consider giving us a call because of the following reasons.

1. Emergency Service - 24/7 Availability

Plumbing issues usually arise unexpectedly; it could be a burst pipe, blocked toilet, or even a broken tap. That's why you need an emergency plumbing service like ours with no specific opening hours as such. Our plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on public holidays, to tackle all your emergency plumbing problems.

2. Prompt Customer Service Team

The best plumbing services in Melbourne are the ones that believe in customer satisfaction and prompt service. As such, we understand your plumbing needs and strive to get the job done within the least amount of time. And it's the customer service team that also plays a crucial part in this.

Simply click on the "call us" option on the website. Your phone call will then be transferred to our customer service representative, who will do their best in getting one of their most qualified experts to reach your home within the hour of your confirmed booking.

3. Interest-Free Payment Plans

Fixing a plumbing system or even unclogging toilet drains can be expensive. However, the plumbers Melbourne-based companies like us offer, conduct a free plumbing inspection of your home or business. We then provide free quotes to help you get an idea of the overall expenses.

We provide flexible and interest-free fortnightly and weekly payment plans for all our plumbing services, so that's something you might want to consider. There's no down payment involved; once a payment plan is selected as per our client's convenience, our qualified plumbers will begin the plumbing work and get the job done in no time.

4. Local And Reliable Plumbers

The plumbers hired by our Melbourne plumbing service are trained and qualified master plumbers who know how to complete the plumbing task at hand, keeping customer satisfaction as their priority. They offer reliable and quality service in Melbourne and other surrounding areas.

Plus, they are always equipped to tackle emergency plumbing problems like leaks, drain and toilet blockages or any other plumbing problem that may occur in the middle of the night. We'll make sure that an emergency plumber reaches your home within an hour of your booking.

5. Complimentary Plumbing Inspection

Every plumber of metropolitan plumbing services in Melbourne are trained to offer a complimentary inspection of all the plumbing. So, one can expect the same from us; our team of Melbourne plumbers will conduct a complimentary inspection of the drains, pipes, sinks and toilets. This will help them identify the source of the problem and then get the leak or blockage fixed.

6. Customer Satisfaction

All our plumbing experts strive for perfection, with customer satisfaction as the number one goal. As such, we always maintain an honest relationship with all our clients.

After the inspection is done and the source of the plumbing problem is identified, the Melbourne plumbers will explain the process, giving you all the information about the work that has to be done. They will also provide a quote for the overall expense. Only after a suitable payment plan is decided upon will they begin the work.

The plumbers will make sure that they carry out the installation or repair work without disrupting your daily activities. After completing work, they'll make it a point to clear the area, keeping it tidy and mess-free.

One need not even worry about their quality of work. Our licensed master plumbers provide quality plumbing services that will add value to every home or business space.

4. Local Service Areas

Be it metropolitan or suburban areas, our team of plumbers are available in Melbourne and most parts of Australia. You can easily find an experienced and licensed plumber near you by entering your postal code in the "find a plumber near me" box. You'll then be provided with a list of plumbing services in the area.

So, no matter which part of Melbourne you live in, plumbers are not hard to find as we serve almost all local areas.

The Plumbing Services We Offer

Plumbers in Melbourne should be equipped with the tools and training required to take care of all your plumbing needs. We offer a range of services. including:

1. Hot Water System Installation And Repairs

Hot water systems are not uncommon in Melbourne and its neighbouring areas, and a Melbourne plumber should know how to install a hot water unit with ease. You might even need a plumber to repair or replace the electric, solar, or gas hot water system if it's damaged, old or leaking.

A sudden spike in your electricity or gas bills can help determine whether or not the unit needs replacement. In that case, we would recommend scheduling an appointment with us at the earliest so that our plumber can get the hot water system replaced at once, thereby reducing the unnecessary expenses.

2. Blocked Drains

A blocked drain is another common plumbing trouble that needs immediate attention. You can try to address the issue yourself, but many times small drainage problems go undetected, so it's best to seek assistance from professionals.

Our plumbers will be able to locate the blockage in your toilet, kitchen, laundry, or bathroom. And then use augers or pressure jet systems to clear the drain or sink with efficiency, allowing water to flow smoothly.

Even if it's your sewer system that's blocked due to dirt, roots of trees, or rocks, our expert plumbers will be able to clear it within no time using the latest technology power equipment.

3. Dripping Or Leaking Taps

Dripping taps not only waste water but can also be quite irritating. So, try finding plumbing experts capable of doing a great job in fixing leaking faucets, including hot and cold water taps, garden, and mixer taps.

4. Pipe Relining

Broken or cracked sewer pipes can potentially lead to flooding and serious water damage. That's why you'll need a plumber to come and fix the pipe, and pipe relining is the best way to do this. The licensed plumber will try to repair the pipe from inside without opening the pipeline or digging.

Before that, they'll have to assess the damage to ascertain whether or not pipe relining is possible.

5. Gas Leak Repairs And Gas Fitting

Most of our Melbourne plumbers are experts when it comes to gas fittings. Whether it's to install gas appliances like gas hot water systems, gas heaters, BBQs, stovetops, or repair gas leaks, our plumbers in Melbourne are trained to do it all.

6. Burst Pipes

Clogged pipes close to drains increase water pressure, leading to burst pipes. And if you don't take the "call us today" slogan of our Melbourne plumbing service seriously, it could cause serious water damage. You can trust our emergency plumber when it comes to dealing with emergency plumbing problems like these.

7. Roofing Plumbers

You might face a problem with the roofing of your home; it could be a leak or a blocked pipe in need of immediate attention. If not checked, it could eventually attract lichen and moss, damaging your roof and deteriorating its life.

In such cases, we would highly recommend seeking help from our expert Melbourne plumber. Be it an apartment, house, or a multi-story home, the plumber Melbourne-based services like us appoint for the job is a well-equipped specialist capable of handling all your roof plumbing needs.

8. Gutter Repair Services

The Melbourne plumbers you hire for plumbing work at home should be experienced in repairing and installing gutter systems. You can trust us with that. Our team members will arrive with the tools and equipment required to effectively clear blocked gutters. The plumbers will also be able to set up and fix gutter systems to add more value to homes.

Your Melbourne Plumbing Service?

Like every other family-owned plumbing service in Melbourne, we work towards solving all your gas, plumbing, and roofing concerns. We don't have any fixed opening hours; you can contact our emergency plumbing services at any time during the day or night.

Our team of plumbers is spread all across Melbourne and are available 24/7 to tackle all kinds of plumbing problems. Whether it's to install a hot water system, clear blockages using power jets, or reline a pipe, we highly recommend hiring professionals to get the job done.

This is because they are experienced in diagnosing the plumbing issue and then provide quick fixes for the same. We also provide all the plumbing parts and tools required to complete the plumbing task at hand. As the goal is to ensure complete customer satisfaction, we provide interest-free payment plans for you to choose from.

Every time there's an emergency plumbing issue like blocked sinks and toilets or even gas leaks, you can reach out to us without thinking twice. Our affordable pricing policies will help customers be prepared for any emergency situation that may come their way.

Hiring Melbourne Plumbers

The process of reaching out to us is simple. Our contact number is provided on the web page; once a call is made, our customer service team will ask questions related to the plumbing issue. A booking confirmation will then be given, and an appointment with one of the most experienced and qualified plumber will be scheduled at a suitable time slot.

If there's any issue while reaching out to the customer support team, we would recommend heading to our contact page to make an online booking. Here's where you can leave your contact details, including your name, phone number, email and residential address, along with a relevant message about your plumbing issue. Our customer support representative will get back to you within an hour or two to confirm the booking.

Once the appointment is fixed and scheduled, the plumber will reach your home and begin conducting the complimentary inspection of the plumbing system. After the source of the problem is detected, you'll be guided through the entire process. Even the charges and payment plan options will be discussed so that you get to make an informed decision.

Why Hire WP Plumbing

Now you know how to get in touch with us whenever you need a plumber. So, call us today.

Our team of Melbourne plumbers serve in Melbourne, VIC and all other neighbouring areas. Once an appointment is made, we'll form an emergency plumbing team to be sent over to the client's home according to the scheduled time.

They'll be equipped with the tools, plumbing parts and fittings to clear blocked drains, unclog toilets, fix a broken kitchen tap, or reline a pipe. We'll also be able to offer gas fitting services, such as installing gas hot water units.

No matter the task at hand, we can guarantee that our highly recommended team of Melbourne plumbers will do a great job. So, whenever you experience the tell-tale signs of an emergency plumbing issue, don't refrain from seeking professional help.