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Rainwater Tank Repairs
Rainwater Tank Repairs

Rainwater Tank Specialist In Melbourne

A leaking tank is nothing short of the worst nightmare for a homeowner!

The problem can get out of hand quickly if it’s located outdoors like a rainwater tank. Although most people conduct regular checks to detect and fix rainwater tank leaking issues, the problem is hard to prevent.

No matter how hard you try, the tank will age over time. The changing weather can alter the physical composition of the water tank material, causing it to degenerate. Regular maintenance and servicing can prolong the tank’s service life.

Further, the extent of damage will determine whether a repair or replacement will solve the leaking rainwater tank.

We should also mention that a leaking water tank can lead to several problems other than loss of water pressure in your home. For instance, if a small leak is left undetected, it can cause enlarged splits, virtually irreparable.

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You can contact our rainwater tank specialists by calling our 24/7 helpline emergency number. Or, fill in the contact form with a few simple details, and we will get back to you. We also offer emergency plumbing services and fast same-day service.

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How Do We Repair Leaking Rainwater Tanks?

Water leaking from rainwater tanks can seep into the ground, damaging the plants and surface in the vicinity. Stagnant water can also attract bugs and insects like mosquitoes, termites, etc.

Given the severity of the issue, it’s highly likely that you’d want a professional plumbing service for the job. And that’s where we come into the picture!

In solving rainwater tank leaking issues, we first consider the material. Although the exact procedure will depend on the construction and dimensions of the tank, here’s a quick summary to give you a better idea of the overall process.

Our technicians will do a thorough inspection and provide you with several solutions depending on the damage. Once discussed with you, we will begin repairing your rainwater tank in Melbourne.

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Polyethylene Tanks

Polyethylene Tanks

Any repair work should begin with detecting the exact location of the leak and draining the water tank thoroughly. Since any repair yields the best results on a clean surface, we make it a point to thoroughly clean the tank to eliminate any loose dirt, oil, paint or grease. Only the bare plastic should be exposed.

The next step is to drill a hole at either end of the crack and a tiny drill bit to prevent the damage from expanding. Once that’s done, we’ll repair the cracked area using a heat gun or propane torch. Usually, some of the adjoining rooms are also heated to ensure uniform heat distribution over the entire crack.

We’ll then carefully place the required amount of polyethylene filler material on the crack. At the same time, the heating will be slowly continued to melt the plastic and fill the crack. Generally, a flat-headed tool (like a putty knife) is used to flatten the filler while any excess material is trimmed off.

We’ll refill the tank to check if the leak has been adequately repaired when the area has cooled down.

Concrete Tanks

Although repairing a concrete water tank is more time-consuming, it begins with the same steps as above, i.e. draining and cleaning. Next, we use a chisel-like tool to remove loose pieces near the crack. This part is done very carefully to smoothen out the surface as precisely as possible.

A concrete binder is quickly brushed along them before it dries out to fix the cracks. This step is continued till a tacky consistency is achieved. The binding agent is then topped with a mixture of hydraulic cement and water before leaving to be dried.

Depending on the size and regulations of your region, the water tank may or may not require liners. We’ll apply an adhesive to help the liner stick on the surface if it does. When everything is dry, we will refill the tank to check the efficiency of the repair.

Concrete Tanks
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