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Blocked Shower
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Blocked Shower Solutions In Melbourne

There can be several causes for a blocked shower, but we can all agree it’s a nightmare we are happy to avoid!

With regular use, hair and soapy gunk accumulate in the shower drains, leading to minor or major obstructions. However, if not treated at the very outset, it can result in a serious blockage. If you don’t want to swaddle through nasty, ankle-deep soapy water, then contacting us is your one-stop solution to the problem.

Melbourne has numerous plumbing companies that can help you get rid of a blocked shower. But you need to choose one that can deliver timely and efficient services and offer a solution for the long haul.

Before we talk about our services and what makes us unique, you must have a brief idea of the problem you are facing. So, let us take you through it.

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Unblocking a shower is challenging, but contacting us is not. You can get in touch with us on the emergency contact number given on our website. We will send over one of our experienced plumbers to your aid at the earliest. Our team of dedicated professionals works around the clock seven days a week, so reach out to us anytime!

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The Problem

Blocked Shower

The number one cause of a blocked drain or shower is the buildup of gunk, hair, and soap that can get entangled in the sewer. This causes water to drain slowly, and you’ll often see water accumulating on the bathroom floor. In addition, you’ll hear a gurgling sound from the drain and notice a foul odour emanating from it.

Although some chemical solutions and readily available tools can provide temporary relief from your blocked shower, sometimes, the problem might be more complex than what is apparent. There might be some internal blockage in the pipes or the central drainage system. In such cases, a plunger or DIY concoctions will not fix the issue.

Although you might be tempted to go down the DIY route, we strongly advise you against it. This is because the pipes running around in your house are often interconnected. If you tamper with one of them without any prior plumbing experience, chances are you can end up damaging the entire water system. So, give us a call instead!

Blocked Shower
Shower Unblocking
The Solution

Melbourne Shower Unblocking

There are a few preventive steps you can take that will keep your drains in fantastic condition. For starters, you have to maintain them regularly with the help of a cleaning solution and plunger. Besides, installing a mesh trap prevents hair from sliding down the drain and prevents blockage. However, when this fails, contacting a plumber is your best alternative.

At WP Plumbing, we offer a range of plumbing services at nominal prices. We have a highly trained team of professionals who come with years of experience in the field. In addition, they are equipped with all the latest gadgets to unblock your shower without wasting any time.

Before commencing with the job, our plumbers inspect the area with a drain camera to determine the cause of the problem and then offer a proper resolution. They clean the drain, check the pipes, and provide clients with tips on keeping the shower drain in top-notch condition throughout the year.

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We’d like to let you know that we offer a lifetime workmanship guarantee on our repair and installation services. So, contact us today and let us take care of your plumbing issues for you!

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We offer plumbing services right across Victoria, specifically Melbourne. A short list of some of the areas we travel to are below.

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