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Blocked Drains Melbourne
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Blocked Drains Melbourne

Are you facing issues with a blocked drain in Melbourne? Our plumbing service company can tackle all types of plumbing problems to put your mind at ease.

To clear blocked drains around your home or business, our blocked drain specialists in Melbourne offer several affordable and reliable plumbing solutions.

While blocked pipes may be a common issue, unclogging a blocked drain isn’t as easy as it seems. If you clear blocked drains incorrectly, it can often cause more damage in the long run.

Therefore, it’s critical to have your blocked drain cleared quickly. And that is where WP Plumbing comes in. We have years of experience and expertise in dealing with blocked stormwater drains, blocked sewers, toilets, and drain repair.

Plus, drain clearing services like ours have all rights reserved on the drain parts, providing customer satisfaction, an essential consideration for us. So, today, we’ll look at the services offered by our drain blocked drain professionals.

Drain Experts

Save $$$ With the Blocked Drain Experts

We have the best equipment and fast response for drain unblocking services and property maintenance. While these issues are relatively common, it’s better to call our fully qualified and professional plumbing team for clearing blocked drains in your Melbourne home. Hopefully, you’ve all the information to make an informed decision. So, get in touch with our highly experienced team today for a free quote!

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What Do We Do?

Our drain cleaning service comprises a friendly team of experts with years of experience and industry training in unblocking clogged drains and drain cleaning. Our highly trained plumbing specialists in Melbourne follow safe and professional procedures, ensuring you keep your home nice and tidy.

Our blocked drain plumbers have many years of experience using different drain clearing techniques to provide efficient solutions for Melbourne property owners. Our experts are equipped with the latest technology and perform a CCTV drain inspection with advanced drain cameras to ensure that the blockage location is correctly identified. Our team has got you covered whether to clear storm drains, tree roots or pipe relining!

We believe Melbourne residents deserve same day service at an affordable price. Our plumbers will provide you with tips and tricks to keep your plumbing free from blockages and show you the right equipment for future maintenance.

What Do We Do
Plumbing Techniques

Our Latest Plumbing Techniques

Having spoken highly about our blocked drain Melbourne services in the previous section, it’s only fitting to back up our claims. We know that a local Melbourne professional plumber has to deal with numerous plumbing issues, so we use state-of-the-art gadgets and technology for the best solution.

One of these drain cleaning techniques involves undertaking drain camera inspections and using the CCTV device to locate the blockage or plumbing issue. Our blocked drain plumber will inspect the plumbing systems for tree roots and other objects lying inside the blocked sewer with the help of the camera. We are also available 24/7 for any plumbing emergency you may be facing, so you know you are in the best hands with our team.

The entire team are also fully licensed and insured, so you can feel safe letting us work on your property. There are also several other aspects of why hiring our drain unblocking service proves helpful, which we’ll discuss next.

Hiring Melbourne Blocked Drains Services

Removing drain blockages and replacing drain parts might look easy, but it’s a tricky business that requires years of experience to get right. Plus, with so many pipes running around your home, it’s usually challenging to locate the plumbing issue, meaning DIY users might damage the pipeline.

We highly recommend using our drain blockage services to solve your plumbing issues. When you hire a professional plumbing service in Melbourne like WP Plumbing, you ensure your plumbing system’s safety and longevity. Plus, with our workmanship guarantee, you can have peace of mind that we will do the job correctly. And, if you are not satisfied, we will come back to rectify any outstanding issues — that is our promise!

Blocked Drains Services
Blocked Drain Experts

Our Blocked Drain Services

Due to the unpredictable weather conditions in Melbourne, a thunderstorm is never far away. If the drainage system is blocked by tree root intrusion, our blocked drain plumbers will use high-pressure water jets to clear the debris. This will free up the stormwater drains, allowing rainwater to flow through the pipes without any risk of damaging the structure. However, you may have to opt for pipe relining to restore blocked sewer drains to their original condition in some cases. Apart from that, we offer emergency plumbing services like repairing hot water systems in your home. Being among the top services in Melbourne, we also provide tips on maintenance for the best results.

Common Areas For Blocked Drains

Some of the common areas Melbourne residents experience blocked drains include:

  • Blocked stormwater drain
  • Blocked sewer drain
  • Blocked toilets
  • Blocked sink
  • Blocked shower

Why Should You Choose Us?

Now, it’s time to discuss why we rank among the top Melbourne blocked drains services. Firstly, we highly recommend choosing our team of professional plumbers by looking at the web pages of our offered services. This will give you a primary idea of how our service is different from other organisations.

If you have any questions or concerns about your blocked drains, you can go to our “Contact Us” page, and our friendly service team will be able to assist you with any enquiry. This will help verify whether our plumbers have the requisite experience dealing with blockages. We assure you that our drain-clearing service has all rights reserved, guaranteeing cost-effective solutions to your plumbing woes for reliable performance.

So, if you need your blocked drains cleared in Melbourne, reach out to our team. We are the plumber Melbourne locals trust!

Why Choose Us
Unclogging Blocked Drains

Cost Of Clearing Blocked Drains Melbourne

The cost charged by our Melbourne plumbing service varies depending on the extent of blockage and the types of service you need. If it’s a big job, you’ll need more plumbers than a small project that doesn’t require digging.

The workforce plays a part in deciding the cost, which is directly proportional to the problems with your plumbing system. It would be best to contact us via email or the “call us” option available on the company website to get a quote.

The initial and final costs often vary if additional problems come up while clearing blocked drains. However, we promise always to maintain a transparent and honest pricing policy. We will discuss every step of our blocked drain plumbing services with you to ensure we remain within your budget and find the best solution for your plumbing problem.

Hours Of Operation

While some plumbers may work within a definite time frame, our team of plumbers work 24/7. Our customer service team responds to emergency plumbing and sends plumbers to various job sites.

A blocked drain can be caused by many things and can even result in an emergency plumbing issue such as a burst pipe or an overflowing drain. If this is the case, do not wait. Contact our team immediately.

Regardless of whether your blocked drain is an emergency, our technicians will arrive within 24 hours at your home. So, if you’re a resident of Melbourne or the surrounding suburbs, you can call our plumbing service any time for a quick solution to your drain problem.

Hours Of Operation
Plumbing Service

Peak Season For A Plumbing Service

Melbourne is the busiest during summer, given that water usage is high when it comes to blocked drains. But during the other months, your plumbing system is the most vulnerable due to the frequent thunderstorm and heavy rainfall.

Usually, after an oversized shower, a stormwater drain needs to be looked at, leading to frequent calls for maintenance. Sometimes, the stormwater drain might break if the blockage is significant, flooding your property.

During winter, the problems are fewer, but you may face issues with a hot water system. So, apart from drain cleaning, our Melbourne plumbing teams get called to repair hot water lines and hot water systems, which might spiral into something serious if not remedied.

Fixing A Leaking Drain Pipe

There are chances that the pipeline may burst if the blockage is severe. So, your first job would be contacting our team of experienced plumbers and having them come over to investigate. While the plumbers are on the road, you can locate the problem by looking for the tell-tale signs of leakage.

Once our trusted plumber arrives, there are four primary steps to diagnose the issue - unblocking, inspecting, repairing, and checking. Instead of digging up the pipeline, which should be the last resort to fix the drain, our professional plumbers will start by inspecting the blockage.

WP Plumbing has several vans to deal with blocked drains, allowing our blocked drain service to carry all the necessary equipment. The plumbing team can deal with most situations and efficiently remove the blockage. After unclogging the drain, it becomes easier to identify the source of the issue.

For the next step, a drain camera comes in handy, providing access to the pipeline’s interior. This will reveal the extent of the damage so that the team can plan the following steps accordingly.

With the help of the camera, the plumber can insert the patch into the drain pipe. However, it’s a tricky manoeuvre and requires years of experience to get right. Overall the entire procedure lasts a couple of hours, using non-invasive tools to set the patch, preventing damage to the pipeline.

All that will remain for us is to turn the water back on and check if the repairs are holding up. Usually, pipe relining offers a permanent solution, proving affordable and efficient, rather than relaying the pipeline.

Leaking Drain Pipe
Drain Pipes

Longevity Of Drain Pipes

In our experience, drain pipes usually retain their quality for up to 15 years, but specific components last longer. A stormwater drain can withstand 20 years of heavy use because once the monsoon is 0ver, there’s no cause for concern.

On the other hand, sewer pipes may need replacing once every decade because regular use means the pipes wear out quickly. It’s a lot of effort to maintain them, and although you can try to do it yourself, it’s better to call our Melbourne blocked drain team to know what’s best.

You can always ask one of our team to inspect your plumbing better to understand the condition of your pipes and drains.

Maintaining Drain Pipes

Our plumbing team performs maintenance to reduce blockage and maintain the quality of previously blocked drains, giving the pipeline a once-over to spot problems. If the initial survey is fruitful, we will clean the drain to remove the blockage.

Even if the plumber doesn’t find a significant blockage, it would be best to remove even small debris. You never know when a scrap of plastic or broken twig may clog the entire pipeline.

Speaking of pipes, our maintenance team will advise you whether old pipes need replacing. If it’s over 20 years old, the answer will most likely be yes, so we will help plan your expenses accordingly.

Drain Pipes
Sewer Tree Root

Sewer Tree Root Control

Blocked drains in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs are no longer a nightmare. Experts have helped us develop sewer tree root control as part of our service for dealing with blocked drains. So, citizens who have trouble maintaining their pipeline due to tree root intrusion can call our professional service for repairs and damage control.

The plumbing team will place a combination of foam pesticides inside the drain pipes to kill any root system that has been growing. Consequently, this simple technique will prevent debris build-up, keeping the pipeline free of blockage.

Additionally, we provide vacuum pit cleaning to clear water tanks, septic tanks and other large containers. If possible, we will repair your pipe via our pipe relining process as it is more affordable, faster and means no digging up your yard! Could you speak to us to find out more?

Where We Service

Location we Serve

We offer plumbing services right across Victoria, specifically Melbourne. A shortlist of some of the areas we travel to is below.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you notice the water draining slowly when you use the kitchen sink or bath, there’s a high chance you’ll find a blockage. Another way to be sure is if the water rises when you flush the toilet. Additionally, foul smells and unusual sounds will let you know if the pipeline needs cleaning. That’s when you should call us.

The reasons for a blocked drain may vary from lack of maintenance to fallen debris. If it’s the latter, you may find plastic bottles, toys, or even kitchen grease is interrupting the passage of water.

Individuals who live near trees will face clogging issues due to the falling leaves, twigs and branches. Our plumbers will identify the source of the blockage and clear it out within no time.

Individuals should never try to clear a blocked drain themselves. Even if you manage to locate the problem, solving the issue might prove difficult; it’s best to seek assistance from our trained professionals to prevent further damage.

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