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By far, one of the worst things to come across is a toilet that’s leaking from its base

A leaking toilet can quickly turn out to be a frustrating issue as the water may flood your bathroom floor. And, it is far from ideal to keep using the toilet in such an unhygienic situation. 

So, it’s best to address the problem as soon as possible for an easy resolution. But, many people either find out about the leak later or choose to ignore it. It can also be challenging to explain the reason behind the leak to a plumber. 

So, we prepared this handy guide to help you know more about the problem. We have even added some possible DIY solutions to fix the issue. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in. 

Causes Of A Leaking Toilet Base

Toilet Leaking Onto Hardwood Floor

There can be several reasons why the base of your toilet develops a leak. Note that the leak might be hard to notice in some instances at first. And, in bathrooms where the shower area is adjacent to the toilet, people can mistake the accumulated water to be a leak.

So, before finding out the reason behind the leak, ensure that it’s a leak rather than stagnant water. In any case, the situation isn’t desirable, and you may require a better drainage system. Similarly, poor ventilation systems can lead to water collecting on the floor. 

You need to be careful about these problems as stagnant water in a bathroom can damage the flooring. It may also lead to the growth of mould, which could have severe health implications. So, if you find these to be the problem behind water on the bathroom floor, contact a plumber immediately.

Now, let’s move on to some common causes of a leaking toilet base. 

1. A Loosely-Attached Toilet 

A typical reason behind a leaking toilet base is improper installation. As you might know, the toilet is usually attached to the floor with bolts that sit on a closet flange made of metal or plastic. And the closet flange sits on top of the sewer pipe. 

Now, if you have been using the toilet for a few years, the bolts might have loosened. But, it may also be due to hurried installation where the bolts failed to attach completely to the closet flange. At times, the bolts may even loosen due to other factors like the wax seal falling apart. 

You can check the toilet over to see if there are any loose parts. You can also speak with your local plumber about reinstalling the toilet correctly.

2. Broken Wax Seal 

More often than not, we don’t pay attention to the toilet installations, and very few people know how the system works. And, if it’s your first time experiencing a leaking toilet, issues like a broken wax seal may evade your attention.

That said, one of the most widespread reasons for a toilet to leak at the base is a broken wax seal. This seal sits between the bottom of a toilet and the closet flange to ensure that dirty water can’t escape your toilet. 

Since this problem frequently occurs in most homes, most plumbers are adept at the job of pulling out the toilet to reinstall a fresh wax seal or a silicone ring. If you’re doing it on your own, make sure to clean the closet flange properly to ensure the seal is tight.

It is also worth noting that most of us have a habit of cleaning toilet bowls with heavy chemicals in our homes to get rid of germs and bacteria. In reality, it’s detrimental to the wax seal and can lead to its breakage. So, if you have a toilet with a broken wax seal, consider using milder cleaning agents after it’s reinstalled. 

Wax Seal Of Broken Toilet

3. A Loose Connection Between The Bowl And Tank 

Interestingly, you can trace a leak on the toilet base to the mack washer that connects the tank to the bowl. As the water tends to drip and collect at the bottom, you may think the toilet is leaking from the base. Note that this problem doesn’t exist in toilets where the tank and bowl come pre-attached as one piece. 

Such a leak might be due to a couple of problems like a loose bolt or a cracked O-ring gasket. Even though tightening the bolts may fix the problem, a gasket would need to be changed to stop the leaking water. In any case, it’s best to hire a professional plumber, as they are trained to give you the right solution and can detect leaks with the right equipment.

4. A Loose Water Supply Line

Although uncommon, another reason for a leak near the toilet base might be a faulty water supply line. Fortunately, it’s easy to diagnose this issue. That said, your toilet would leak all the time instead of leaking when you flush in the case of a damaged water supply line. 

To fix this issue, all you need to ensure is that the connection bots are tight and in good condition. If you have called in a plumber, remember to turn off the main water supply valve to stop the water from flooding your bathroom. 

Toilet Water Supply Line

Fixing Your Leaking Toilet Base

That’s everything we had to tell you about the reasons behind a leak at the base of your toilet. Remember to diagnose the issue properly, and if you’re confused, reach out to us. Our team are happy to help! 

And since a leaking toilet creates an unhygienic situation, it’s essential to do a proper clean-up afterwards. Cleaning will include disinfecting the area around your toilet and the whole bathroom floor. We also recommend you mop the floor with bleach to eliminate germs. 

With that, we have reached the end of this guide. Until next time!

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