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There’s nothing quite like immersing in a bathtub to relax after a gruelling day of work!

So, choosing the right tub becomes all the more critical if you’re renovating your bathroom. However, remember a few things to make the right decision. For instance, the size of your bath will be an essential feature to consider. If you are tall, a small bathtub will be uncomfortable to use. For this reason, choosing the right kind of bath is crucial.

That’s why we have compiled a guide on choosing the proper bath for your needs and budget.

How To Choose The Right Bath For Your Renovation

Bathtubs come in different shapes and sizes and can be built from different materials. They can also be categorised based on installation, like freestanding or inset. These are important as they determine the overall comfort level for a good bath experience. So, without delay, here’s a list of things to check.

Bathtub Installed Renovation

1. Bath Size

The available space in your bathroom will be crucial when you choose bathtubs. For instance, a large bath will occupy more space, which may not be suitable for smaller bathrooms. However, if you can make room by rearranging the bathroom, a larger bathtub is recommended for optimum comfort when immersing your body.

2. Bath Styles

Bathtubs come in different styles; you can choose one that best fits your needs.

For instance, freestanding baths are popular as they fit into most spaces and do not need to be connected to the wall. Likewise, you can choose an angled bath with a slope to provide back support for better comfort.

Another good bath style is the whirlpool bath, which has self-contained jets. These jets can be either water or air jets, with the former allowing high-speed streams of water. This style can significantly benefit people seeking muscle pain and soreness relief.

Aside from that, you can choose a walk-in bathtub with grooves and notches to prevent slippage.

3. Bath Materials

The material of the bathtub will play a crucial role in providing comfort and durability. For instance, cultured marble retains heat, so your hot water bath will stay warm. Also, you can choose copper bathtubs for durability. You can choose different materials for your bath based on the price and budget. These are some of the most popular materials:

Plumber Installing Bathtub

A. Fibreglass

Fibreglass bathtubs are made of reinforced plastic sheets that are moulded into the shape of a bathtub. Although they are among the cheapest options on the market, fibreglass bathtubs can be pretty durable but may chip away in case of heavy impact.

B. Ceramic

Another suitable material for bathtubs is ceramic tiles, which are moulded into the bathtub’s shape, depending on its style and size. However, the material can deteriorate and crumble if not regularly maintained.

C. Porcelain

Porcelain bathtubs are made of stamped steel and cast iron layered with a porcelain enamel mixture containing powdered glass and substrate for a durable coating. This coating of porcelain makes it non-porous and does not develop warping issues. These bathtubs are, however, delicate to heavy impact, so one needs to be more careful when using them.

D. Copper

Copper bathtubs are considered one of the more luxurious baths; they hold heat better and are more durable than most bathtubs. Along with that, copper bathtubs also require the least maintenance as long as there is a constant water flow. However, these bathtubs are one of the more expensive ones, so you should plan your budget accordingly.

E. Cultured Marble

Classic cultured marble bathtubs are constructed from crushed limestone and resin. They typically have a beautiful pearlescent shine, which adds to their luxurious feel. Additionally, cultured marble retains heat well, making it energy-efficient in the long run.

But much like copper bathtubs, these bathtubs tend to be more expensive and require regular maintenance. And they can lose their shine and stain if they lack proper maintenance.

4. Bath Installation

Another thing to remember when you renovate your bath is the installation style. For instance, freestanding bathtubs can be installed anywhere if there is a working drain, meaning they don’t require much time or effort. However, drop-in bathtubs should be placed in an enclosed or curved space and connected to the plumbing.

What’s the Best Bath for You?

Now that you have all this information, choosing the bath for your renovation will not be an issue. However, installing bathtubs can be difficult and requires skilled professionals’ expertise.

So, when installing one, it’s best to hire professional plumbers with the required licences and tools. DIY installation may make you break the local plumbing codes, damage the plumbing and injure yourself.

WP Plumbing has a highly trained team of plumbers who can install different types of bathtubs. Not only that, but you can also get in touch with us to choose the right one for your needs and budget.

On that note, we will wrap up this guide. See you next time!

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