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Getting a plumbing renovation done for your bathroom is time-consuming and costly, but it is equally rewarding in the long run.

Not only will this solve underlying issues with the pipes and drainage system that needs deeper repair, but it will also increase the value of your home in real estate. Also, if your bathroom plumbing is upgraded correctly, you’ll get a much higher price when selling the home.

However, executing a bathroom plumbing renovation that aligns with your aesthetic preferences, design, and functionality takes time and effort.

So, the best way to ensure you’re satisfied with the results is by planning your renovation and signing a contract with a reliable plumbing company. Let’s look at this planning process in more detail.

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Factors To Keep In Mind When Planning A Bathroom Plumbing Renovation

When you sit down to plan your plumbing renovation, you must consider various factors. These include the size and layout of the bathroom, the different plumbing fixtures you want, and your budget for the entire renovation. Here’s how you should make an informed decision based on these factors:

1. Size And Layout

Correctly measure the size of your bathroom right at the beginning of your planning process. Depending on your bathroom size, you can decide which fixtures and fittings to add for better functionality. However, the size and shape of the bathroom can also limit the kind of fixtures you can add to it.

For example, a large-scale, glass shower room won’t be appropriate for a small bathroom since it will take up most of the floor space, making it look cramped. Similarly, you’d need to space out your fixtures and add more fittings to a large bathroom, a more balanced look.

Planning Bathroom Renovations

2. Plumbing Fixtures

Based on the bathroom dimensions, you should choose the fixtures you’d want in it. Decide how many sinks, vanities, power points, and lighting you need. Additionally, you can choose between specific fitting designs, such as wall-mounted or standard cisterns.

Shower Plumbing Fixtures

3. Budget

Of course, the question of the budget comes with every type of renovation - and it’s true for plumbing as well. Research the average costs of plumbing renovations based on the square footage and number of pipelines in the bathroom.

Also, keep a considerable margin of error while calculating the budget since there can be more expenses along the way as contractors dig into your drainage system. The concealed pipes can have many faults or breakage, so be prepared.

Planning Budget Bathroom Renovation

Hiring A Professional Plumber For Your Bathroom Renovation

Many people wish to do their bathroom renovation DIY, but it isn’t as easy as painting walls and even tilework. It requires special skills and tools that licensed plumbers are trained to use to tackle various issues. Additionally, you never know what issues will pop up while the bathroom plumbing is dug out.

Search for local contractors and plumbing companies with good reputations, reviews, recommendations, and portfolios. Before signing a contract, see if the plumbing company or plumber is licensed and whether they help with design, planning, and costing.

And since particular renovations require plumbing permits, ensure the professional plumber helps you get the licenses and adhere to local laws.

Creating a Bathroom Plumbing Renovation Budget

Bathroom Renovation Plans

As mentioned, budgeting is vital while dealing with bathroom renovations since various problems that require your attention (and money) may gradually pop up. Besides, multiple factors, including the size of your bathroom, fittings, materials, permits, and labour costs, will affect your overall budget.

After your plumber gives an estimate, keep an extra 10% of the total amount as a buffer for unforeseen expenses. Renovations are costly, so if you wish to get your dream bathroom, save up at least a year or two early to avoid utilising other savings.

Common Bathroom Plumbing Issues to Address During Renovation

Homeowners regularly face several plumbing issues in the bathroom, such as leaky pipes, low water pressure, and outdated fittings and fixtures. Even though they might sound minimal, they’re pretty annoying, especially when they affect the walls and disrupt your daily life.

A bathroom plumbing renovation can resolve these issues and offer long-term relief. So, ask your plumber to pay special attention to those problem areas in the bathroom. You should finish these before other contractors start the tilework and painting.

Timeline For A Bathroom Plumbing Renovation

Typically, renovating your bathroom’s plumbing system takes about 4-5 weeks if the work proceeds regularly, as mentioned in the contract. However, deadlines surrounding home development often need to be more specific and attainable. This is because many things can go wrong, including sick workers, lack of materials, bad weather, etc.

So, add at least 30% to the stipulated timeline to align your expectations with reality. Usually, professional and reliable plumbers try to complete the renovation within the promised time. However, remember that a longer timeline would also negatively affect your budget, so politely reiterate the promised time with your contractor.

Revamp Your Bathroom Plumbing: A Comprehensive Guide To Successful Renovation

Although expensive, renovating the plumbing system of a bathroom is one of the best ways to kickstart your home development project.

Getting a professional and licensed plumber to renovate your bathroom can significantly improve its functionality and simplify things. So, book a consultation with a trusted plumbing company and determine the designs and budget for your bathroom plumbing renovation.

That said, at WP Plumbing, we have a team of licensed and insured plumbers who can tackle various services, including bathroom renovations, hot water systems, plumbing emergencies, etc. We are available at your beck and call all over Melbourne and surrounding areas. With our fast same-day response, upfront pricing, and labour guarantee, we aim to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

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