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A nice bath is a great way to pamper your pet. However, your drains might end up in a mess without proper care.

In most cases, pets like dogs require an excellent cleanup only once per month. But, if you are the owner of an overtly mischievous canine, you need to pay more attention to its cleanliness.

Washing Pet Blocking Drains

A major headache that usually accompanies a dog wash is the aftereffects. The furs of your dog fall off while you scrub them neatly. Fur accumulates in your drains and clogs them, which is frustrating.

That’s why we have valuable tips and tricks to prevent your dog hair from clogging the drain.

Washing Your Dog Without Clogging Your Drain

Most dog owners have a lot of things to complain about their naughty yet adorable pooches. However, one complaint seems to be common in most stories - clogging drains after washing your dog.

Dog Hair Ball Drain

Clogged drains can be a huge problem in many ways. They disrupt the entire water flow of the house, and you usually have to call a plumber to sort things out.

However, you can avoid an expensive appointment with a plumber by following these simple tips to keep your drain clean.

1. Brush Your Dog Frequently

Dogs shed their fur frequently. Once you own a pet, you must deal with this inevitable excess hair. Combing and brushing your pet whenever possible is a good idea. Frequent brushing sessions will enable you to eliminate the furs at once and give your pet dog the pampering it craves.

Water Saving Tips Pets

This is a very effective way of reducing the accumulation of excess hair when washing them—giving your pup a good brushing about half an hour before the dog baths is also advisable. This can help prevent issues with a clogged tub drain, which can be a common problem after dog baths due to all the excess hair.

2. Cover Your Drains

Dealing with excess dog’s hair is inevitable when owning a pet. Brushing frequently and using a drain cover can prevent clogged tub drains.

Drain Filter Floor

Pop-up drain covers with screens effectively catch dog hair and minimize clogs. Baby wipes can also help clean the drain before and after dog baths, especially for heavy-shedding breeds.

3. Linear Shower Drain Hair Catcher

Most households have different kinds of designs when it comes to drains. While some homes have the standard ones, others have pop-up drains.

Then, there are a lot of households that have a linear drainage design. These drains are particularly hard to cover as the standard screens will not fit perfectly.

However, you can always find a hair catcher screen for your linear shower drain online to prevent major accumulation.

4. Take Your Dog Outside To Bathe

Washing your dog in the confined space of the bathroom might make it a monotonous experience for you and your pet. Instead, you can try washing your puppy in your backyard to add fun and flair to the dog wash routine.

This approach allows your dog to soak in the sunlight and fresh air while getting cleaned up, which can be a more enjoyable experience. It’s also an effective way to avoid unwanted furs entering your drain area and clogging the system.

In the long run, bathing your dog without clogging the drain can save you from potential skin conditions and the need to contact Mr. Plumber for costly drain cleaning services. The backyard setup provides a more open and fun environment for your dog’s bath time, benefiting you and your furry friend.

5. Use A Container

Pet Washed Tub

If you are a dog owner with a smaller canine, you can try new methods to save your drains from clogging. Getting your little dog a bath in small and adorable containers will give them an enjoyable bathtime experience and help you avoid the hassle of dealing with clogged drains.

Bathing your small dog in a compact container can prevent excess hair from clogging down the drain. This method lets you be more attentive to your dog’s eyes and other sensitive areas during the dog’s bath without worrying about drainage issues.

Additionally, this approach can save you from spending extra money on drain cleaning services due to the accumulation of extra hair. Using smaller, more manageable containers for your dog’s baths can effectively minimize the amount of hair in the drain.

Keep Your Dog Clean And Your Drain Clog-Free!

Bathing your pet, whether a dog or cat, is essential to their maintenance routine. But doing so shouldn’t cause problems for your home’s plumbing!

Although the methods we’ve listed above are effective, there may still be chances of pet hair clogging your drains. For example, you may use a drain cover while bathing your pet and clean its grooming tools or lashes directly in the sink. Over time, such practices can lead to stubborn clogged drains.

In these cases, you may be better off hiring the services of a professional plumber who can clean the drains thoroughly. WP Plumbing Melbourne has an expert team of licensed Melbourne plumbers who can do the job. Whether you need regular drain maintenance or replacement to keep your plumbing issues at bay, give us a call today!

On that note, we will now say goodbye. See you next time!

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