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Plumbing emergencies like a blocked drain can happen anytime, especially when you least expect them.

Several issues can cause blocked drains, and a severe clear-out is often required. Some causes can include tree root infestation, damaged or broken pipework, shifting soil or a nasty clog caused by toilet paper or other solid matter.

A blocked drain is a breeding ground for harmful viruses and bacteria that can seriously make you and your family sick. And you’d want to clean up your blocked drain as soon as possible to avoid any potential health problems. So, it’s crucial to call upon a blocked drain plumber to clear the blocked drain and ensure the free water flow.

In Melbourne, you can access several experienced plumbers who specialise in blocked drains. But it’s essential that they are well-versed and trained in their tasks and can clean the blocked drain so that it doesn’t get blocked soon. Plus, there are other factors you need to consider when choosing a plumber, and we will help you figure them out.

7 Things To Remember Before Hiring A Blocked Drain Specialist

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1. Who’s Answering The Phone?

When hiring a plumber for blocked drains, the first consideration is who’s answering your phone. If it gets redirected to an answering machine, hang up. A company that provides emergency plumbing services is available to provide services throughout the day, and there’s always a person to receive your calls. If your call gets redirected to an answering machine, they aren’t committed to their emergency services.

Apart from that, there’s a risk that a blocked drain plumber won’t check their answering machine frequently or return calls until the next business day. Hence, it’s recommended to hang up when in such situations.

2. Does The Company Have Proper Protection And Credentials?

There’s a common myth that a blocked drain plumber providing 24/7 emergency services is reputable and has a proper license. However, many unscrupulous people may deceive you in the name of these services. They know that homemakers make these decisions in split seconds and must deal with the plumbing issues as quickly as possible. And hiring a plumber without a license and insurance presents a significant risk.

For example, many uninsured and unlicensed plumbers advertise discounted holidays and weekly services, taking advantage of these situations. So, your top priority is to ensure that the plumbing agency you’re calling is fully insured and licensed.

Without a proper license, there’s a chance that the blocked drain plumber doesn’t possess the requisite skills to deal with your blocked drain problems and burst pipes. And without insurance, you’ll have to pay the bill if the plumber’s carelessness damages your property.

3. How Fast Will The Plumbers Arrive?

As the name says, a blocked drain plumber arrives at the site within a few hours of calling and receives calls throughout the day. If a plumber refuses to come at any time or won’t accept your calls, look for another one.

4. Availability Of Follow-up Services

Another vital aspect to research is whether emergency plumbing services provide follow-up services. Many of them offer only single-time emergency repairs. So, looking for companies that return to the site is essential if any additional services are necessary.

Problems like drain blockage often arise due to underlying plumbing problems requiring additional work. For instance, your toilet pipes may have clogged due to the deposition of unwanted materials and may have a weaker flush due to the growth of tree roots.

Well-known plumbing agencies perform a detailed inspection of the site and develop a report that details any other problems to be dealt with in the future. They inform you about it all and the time frame for fixing them. Plus, they offer follow-up services as and when required.

5. Reviews And References

It might not be possible for you to go through several websites and look for client reviews about a particular plumber or agency. However, it’s essential to know their experience and past success. Just spend a few minutes browsing websites like Facebook and Google. Also, Melbourne’s local authorities can provide more authentic recommendations.

6. Upfront Cost Quote

Comparing plumber fees from a local directory or a business website might work but is insufficient. Once a plumber has monitored the situation correctly, ask him to provide a written quote that itemises all services he will provide.

A quote assures that the plumber hasn’t overlooked any costs, and those won’t show up later as an unfortunate surprise.

7. Guaranteed Work

When you’re getting a licensed and experienced plumber for your emergency services, there’s no doubt they will execute the repairs flawlessly. However, even the best plumbers may make mistakes, and you might have to bear the result.

Hence, opting for plumbers who provide warranted work is essential, as they will always return if anything goes wrong during the repair.

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Finding A Plumber In Melbourne

Just because you’re in an emergency plumbing situation doesn’t mean you can be less careful and make snap decisions. Ensure having a comprehensive approach to selecting an emergency plumber to deal with the problem. The extra minutes you spend dealing with a crisis and choosing the right personnel will save hours of hassle in the future.

You will find several national and local directories mentioning the contacts of these emergency plumbers that you can call. Besides, you can ask your neighbours and the people in the locality for referrals.

If you require a blocked drain plumber in Melbourne, please call the WP Plumbing team. We are Melbourne’s leading specialists in clogged drain repair and offer fast, affordable and efficient solutions. So don’t hesitate to call us today!

On that note, it’s time for us to wrap up today. See you again!

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