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Having a well-functioning water heater makes life so much easier. However, installing a hot water system can be a complicated affair.

Water heater installation can be tricky without a licensed professional’s help. Even though many homeowners prefer to try their hands at installing the system to save the installation cost, it can be dangerous. It would be best if you had advanced equipment and proper knowledge about the technical functioning of the system.

In most cases, DIY methods for installing a water heater do more harm than good. So, today, we’ll discuss why you must avoid installing a water heater by yourself and always hire a professional plumber to do it. Let’s take a look!

Reasons To Avoid Installing A Water Heater Yourself

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1. Choosing A Wrong-Sized Heater

You need to have sufficient knowledge about the capacity of a water heater to choose the correct size of the system that can be suitable for your family. If you install a small system, you’ll continuously run out of hot water, putting excessive pressure on the water heater.

The water heater size will vary depending on your household’s water usage. Usually, electric water heaters ranging between 182 and 284 litres work well for a family of three to four people. On the other hand, a 151-litre gas water heater can be enough if your household’s water usage is low.

However, choosing the exact size without guidance from a professional plumber can be difficult. You might research for hours and still install the wrong-sized water heater in your house.

2. Issues With The Location Of Installation

You can’t install a water heater wherever you want. It is impossible to know all the legal guidelines and building codes if you’re not a professional, making the DIY installation of the system much more troublesome.

Installing a water system in locations that are difficult to access, like attics and basements, can get tricky without a professional plumber. If you want to install or move a water heater weighing 55 and 70 kilograms, you cannot do it alone and must hire some help to maintain safety.

3. No Plumbing Permit

In Australia, you need to contact a professional plumber to install a water heater. Even though you don’t need a specialised permit for the installation, your plumber must submit a notifiable work form to the Victorian Building Authority (VBA). The notifiable work form includes installing, removing and replacing a water heater in any existing property or building extensions.

Without a proper understanding of water heaters, you can make several mistakes during installation and cause long-term plumbing damage. That’s why you need a licensed plumber to register the notifiable work form and get the job done correctly with utmost efficiency.

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4. Risks Of Burning Heating Elements

The heating elements of a water heater are designed to operate when fully immersed in water. If they receive any heat when the water heater is empty, they’ll melt because of dry-frying. However, most DIY installers are unaware of dry-frying risks and often forget to switch off the power source while installing a water heater.

If the water heater is dry and the power is turned on, the copper heating elements can heat up and start melting. Once the copper elements are dry-fried, the system will fail within seconds or after a few uses. Hence, it’s best to hire professional help to avoid dry-frying risks during installation.

5. Wrong Material Selection

To avoid going through the complicated soldering process, many DIY plumbers choose flexible plastic PEX tubes to install the water heater and connect it to the main water supply. But, they don’t understand that the flexibility of these PEX tubes can be a huge liability.

Since the tubes are not rigid, they tend to flex like a regular garden hose while the water flows in and out of the tubes. They also expand and contract with the change in temperatures, causing the PEX pipes to move constantly, leading to their wearing.

Additionally, PEX tubes are vulnerable to rodent damage and UV rays, unlike copper pipes. So, the best course of action is to hire a professional plumber who can apply accurate soldering techniques to install durable copper pipes for the water heater.

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You Need A Qualified Plumber!

Installing a water heater is not a child’s play, and DIY plumbing techniques won’t do you much good. You need the extensive knowledge of licensed professionals with years of experience and exactly what they are doing. If you need a water heater installed in Melbourne, please speak to our team!

It’s likely to falter when you don’t practically understand how water heaters work. Always contact your local plumber to take care of the entire process to avoid any plumbing damage because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

With that, it’s time for us to sign off. Until next time!

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