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An uninterrupted supply of hot water is essential in the cold season for daily activities such as showering, cooking, and cleaning.

Therefore, it’s imperative to have a functioning water heater system. However, like other electronic appliances, water heaters can malfunction and fail to heat the water to the desired temperature.

An inconsistent or inefficient water heater can make it challenging to complete daily tasks, affecting your schedule. Plus, it can raise your monthly utility bills.

That’s why you must get your water heater system serviced to ensure that it’s functioning correctly. In this article, we will take a peek at some of the significant benefits of getting your water heater serviced.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Benefits Of Servicing Your Water Heater

These are the benefits of servicing your water heater:

Serving Water Heater Unit

1. Increases The Lifespan Of The System

With proper maintenance, your water heater can last for two decades without any issues. However, you must get it serviced at least once a year to achieve this kind of longevity. Without timely maintenance, heaters are bound to break down sooner or later.

2. Can Limit Water Expenses

Believe it or not, when you get your water heater serviced by a professional, it can reduce long-term expenses. A professional will investigate your heating system and remove any build-up to increase the machine’s efficiency. This will lower annual operating costs because your system will no longer have to work as hard to deliver hot water.

3. Helps Identify Any Repair Need

Apart from removing sediment build-ups from your heating system, the plumbing professional will also help identify any repair that it might need in the early stages. This will allow you to anticipate the water heater repairs you might need down the road.

In addition, you will also be able to plan financially for your system’s needs instead of facing a hefty and unexpected expenses in the future.

4. Makes The System More Energy-Efficient

Over time, minerals and dirt settle at the bottom of your system, making it extremely difficult for the heater to deliver hot water. Naturally, this limits the amount of water it can heat efficiently, lowering your water supply.

During servicing, the plumbing professional will eliminate any dirt or mineral build-up from your water heating system to operate more efficiently.

5. Keeps The Warranty Active

Most people may not be aware of this, but annual maintenance of water heaters is required to keep the warranties of the products active. So, if you skip the care, you could be jeopardising its warranty.

If your system malfunctions within the warranty period, the manufacturer might not have you covered. That is unless you can prove that a professional serviced your product annually.

6. Peace Of Mind And Convenience

Last but not least, timely maintenance of the water heating system provides much-needed peace of mind because you know it won’t break down, causing inconvenience during the winter. Hiring a professional for any repair or maintenance work means your product is in safe hands and will be repaired efficiently.

What Are The Common Signs Of A Malfunctioning Water Heater?

These are some of the common signs of a malfunctioning water heater.

Draining Hot Water System

1. Noisy Tank

A noisy tank is a tell-tale of a malfunctioning water heater. It may indicate several issues, such as the accumulation of sediments at the bottom of the tank. The heating element may have to burn the residues, causing it to make noise.

2. Stinking Water

Your water heater may smell like rotten eggs if it is infected with bacteria. However, it’s easy to fix; you need to flush the tank with hydrogen peroxide and water.

3. No Hot Water

If you use a gas-powered heater and don’t receive hot water, it might be because of a blown-out pilot light. On the other hand, if you use an electric model, the problem might lie in the heating element. Don’t worry; a professional plumber can quickly fix these issues instantly.

Maintain Your Hot Water Heater

We hope you’ve understood the various advantages of servicing your water heater. If yours is not producing the desired results, call a plumbing professional and get it fixed. Don’t try to do anything by yourself as it could be dangerous.

On that note, it’s time to wrap up. See you soon!

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