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Gas is an effective, inexpensive energy source that has become an everyday part of life. Estimated per unit of energy, gas is way less expensive than electricity. For some people living not depending on gas supply, electricity is their only alternative, but they are not aware of how much a new gas connection would cost. When it comes to handling a new gas supply or establishing a new gas meter, you have to know what you are doing – and there is undoubtedly a lot to do. Gas connection procedures normally involve two steps – connecting a service line from the street gas main to your home, and after that, establishing your gas meter. Gas fitting is a skilled job, and it is probably deadly if not done by specialists is why the states require that gas to be strictly managed by licensed gas fitters.

Many homes have a gas main in their street. If you have one, it is a simple procedure for a specialised team to have your property connected to natural gas. The connection will start from the gas main to your property, where a gas fitter will establish a gas outlet and then connect it to your appliances. Your gas meter is employed to accurately estimate the volume of gas you use and to control gas flow securely. A gas meter reading will then be proceeded at regular intervals (usually, every quarter) to ensure correct billing. Your meter location will be determined based on several factors.

If you need gas to be connected with your household, you need a team of specialists to look after the whole process for you. With their expert help and inside-out knowledge of what is required from beginning to end, tehy will talk you through your gas connection requirements--determining the equipment needed, establish a plan and explain how to get started.

How does gas-fitting work?

The first rule of the gas fitting is that every job, no matter how insignificant, should be done by a qualified, licensed professional. Not only concerning your safety, but also because without the certification or by using a non-qualified technician, you will break the warranty on your gas appliance or part. This may also raise matters with your home and goods insurance there's an accident.

Associations related to gas fitting like Standards Australia International (SAI) and the Australian Gas Association (AGA) must approve every gas appliance.  Check your appliances to see whether it comes with the approval stickers or not. If you are in doubt, do not hesitate to ask a professional or the seller that you bought your gas from.

Most gas appliances and fittings are recommended to have maintenance every two to three years since they are high-tolerance devices and are prone to extremely serious problems. Gas fittings only need to maintain small defects before becoming large issues.

Who should be your gas fitter?

First and foremost, your gas fitter should have a license. Unlicensed gas work is not only forbidden but certainly can be an unsafe procedure. Using a licensed plumber or gasfitter gives you a guarantee that your purchase is going to be installed perfectly and securely.  Gas should always be treated with the highest respect. If you are not hiring someone licensed, you have odds that there will be something going wrong down the track which could possibly leave you with property damage or put your loved ones at risk of injury.

What does a gas-fitter do?

A licensed gas-fitter can repair, service and replace natural gas appliances like cooktops, gas BBQs and upright cookers and fixtures in domestic, business and mechanical applications. This can also include converting BBQs to natural gas. The duties of gas-fitter involve:

  • Appliance maintenance
  • Installing gas pipes
  • Installing gas detection and pressure regulating systems
  • Installing gas related appliances and associated equipment
  • Installing gas appliance flues
  • Installing LPG systems in boats or caravans
  • Reading and interpreting plans
  • Testing pipework for gas devices
  • Advising customers on how to work and maintain gas appliances
  • Maintaining ancillary equipment and pipes used for the safe operation of appliances using flue gasses

Who should you rely on for gas-fitting work?

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