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Melbourne Plumbing Services

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WP Plumbing aims to provide excellent quality plumbing services to residents across the Melbourne area. We offer an extensive range of plumbing services, including drainage solutions, clogged drains, hot water systems, gas fitting and even 24/7 emergency plumbing services. Not convinced enough? At WP Plumbing, we ensure that we only hire exceptionally trained, licensed and local plumbers in Melbourne. Our professionals have the expertise and qualifications to give you the best possible solutions and quality of work. Our plumbing services cover all areas in Melbourne (including Melbourne).

If you live in the Inner Melbourne area and face a plumbing issue or a plumbing emergency, look no further than WP Plumbing. We are Melbourne residents’ first choice for affordable and effective plumbing solutions. Call us at any time to discuss your plumbing concerns. Our customer service staff will assist you with any questions and schedule a time with one of our expert plumbers to visit your home or business.

WP Plumbing is your first and only choice for professional services if you reside in Melbourne. We pride ourselves on being friendly and efficient. You can trust our highly-skilled, fully certified, licensed plumbing technicians to quickly and accurately resolve all blocked drains and other general plumbing issues. Our work vehicles are always equipped with all the best plumbing gear available on the market today.

If you want to know more about our plumbing services, please contact us anytime. Our team look forward to assisting you!

24/7 Emergency Plumbers

Plumber Melbourne

Our team of highly trained and skilled plumbers are located in Melbourne and is considered one of the leading plumbing businesses in the area. WP Plumbing offers additional discounts to the Melbourne area thanks to not travelling.

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Blockage & Drainage Plumbers

Blocked Drains Melbourne

Blocked drains are one of the most common plumbing problems that home and business owners in Melbourne encounter daily. If you are experiencing a blocked drain, it must be fixed quickly and correctly to ensure the problem does not escalate or cause further damage. Plumbing issues like clogged drains or pipes aren’t something anyone enjoys dealing with, and it is almost guaranteed that someone you know has encountered one at some point.

A clogged drain can occur when you least expect it. Not only does a blocked drain cause significant discomfort and inconvenience, but it is also utterly disgusting, swarming with microbes and often causing a foul odour. In addition to posing a health risk, blocked drains can also lead to various other problems, which can be frustrating and costly if not resolved quickly.

The best thing to do when a blocked drain problem arises is to call a professional plumbing team. While DIY methods seem easy, they can lead to devastating consequences if they are not experienced. And when you start to notice the signs of a blocked drain, you must fix the problem immediately. Get an expert plumber’s help with your clogged drain in Melbourne by contacting the WP Plumbing team! We can provide you with an affordable solution to unblock your drain so you can be stress-free!

Blocked Drains
Blocked Drain in Melbourne
Burst Pipe Repairs
Pipe & Drain Repairs

Burst Pipe Repairs

Many people are not sure what to do in the event of a burst pipe. If you have experienced one before, you understand the importance of fixing it before the water could cause further damage. A broken pipe can not only result in flooding or water damage, but it can also harm electrical items and wiring in your home.

A burst pipe can occur even in a new plumbing system; therefore, it's essential to maintain and check your plumbing regularly. If you have a blockage in winter, the buildup of ice inside pipes can cause them to burst if there is enough pressure. 

But, there is no need to panic - WP Plumbing offers emergency services 24/7, seven days a week, all across Melbourne. Our team is ready to take your call anytime, even on holidays. We will promptly dispatch a trusted and skilled plumber to address your plumbing needs.

Burst Pipe Repairs
Water Heater Specialists

Melbourne Hot Water Systems

Hot water systems are one of the essential parts of our homes. Our hot water units need to be in good working order, from washing your clothes to having a hot shower after a long day. Our experts at WP plumbing are trained to install, repair and service your hot water systems. We can also assist you in choosing the best one for your home.

We can service, repair and install a range of hot water units, including:

It is also important to have your hot water systems serviced regularly by a trained professional to ensure they function correctly. So, whatever you need for your hot water system, contact the best at WP Plumbing for professional plumbing services.

Hot Water Systems
Melbourne Hot Water Systems
Melbourne Pipe Relining
Affordable Drain Repairs

Pipe Relining Melbourne

Maintaining and repairing your plumbing pipes in Melbourne can be a challenge. Due to their varied sizes, shapes and uses, pipes come in a wide range of specifications. Despite how durable they may seem, they start to wear out over time due to age, corrosion, and a multitude of other factors. Even brand new pipes may break or leak due to the invasion of tree roots. Either way, when you have a broken, cracked or leaking pipe, you must have it fixed immediately to avoid more severe damage. When this occurs, you have two options to repair your plumbing.

The first option requires you to get the pipes replaced entirely, or at the very least, the segment of the pipe that has been damaged. Replacing a pipe involves removing the current damaged one and replacing it with a brand new one. Keep in mind that this process often involves digging up a section of your yard to access the pipes and can be pretty costly.

The second option requires preparing for a process known as “pipe relining”. This repair process uses a material placed inside the pipe, which is then expanded to produce an “inner layer” within the pipe. For example, if a pipe suffers from many cracks that water would leak through, the pipe relining resolves that issue by forming a new layer within the pipe that is crack-free. Although pipe relining shares the same goal as the total pipe replacement, it is generally more affordable and does not require excavation work. And, it is just as durable as replacing the pipe entirely. 

If you need assistance to repair your pipes, look no further than WP Plumbing. Our team can help you with Melbourne's professional and efficient pipe relining.

Pipe Relining
24/7 Plumbing in Melbourne

Emergency Plumbers

No matter what time of the day, a plumbing emergency cannot be planned. It could be a dripping kitchen tap keeping you up all night or a blocked toilet that has led to a messy affair. To tackle these issues instantly, it’s important to keep a reliable plumbing company with a team of professional plumbers spread across Melbourne at hand.

Our team of professionals come with years of experience in the plumbing industry. Whether it’s to repair blocked drains or service hot water service and systems, you can rely on our 24/7 emergency plumbing service to get the job done in no time.

A plumbing emergency is any issue that could potentially cause damage or harm to your family or property. WP Plumbing experts understand the severity and seriousness of emergency plumbing issues and respond promptly and efficiently.

One phone call to our helpline number, and we’ll send a professional plumber to your doorstep at the scheduled time to take care of all your plumbing issues.

Emergency Plumbers
Emergency Plumbers
Gas Fitting Melbourne
Professional Gas Plumbing

Gas Fitting Melbourne

At WP Plumbing, our experienced and licensed gas fitters are trained to handle gas leaks, install or repair gas appliances, and fit gas points and lines.

A serious gas leak can often go unnoticed, and if not fixed correctly and quickly, can potentially cause severe damage to both your property and a host of potential health risks. If you think you have a gas leak or require urgent gas appliance repairs, call the team at WP Plumbing without delay for a reliable emergency plumbing service.

Our team can also assist you with fitting new gas points or lines in your home or business. We can also install, repair or replace gas appliances such as stoves, gas heaters and hob tops. If you are looking for a new gas hot water system, our technicians can help you from start to finish. We can help you select the best gas water heater for your home, plus install, repair or service your unit.

So, if you require a trusted local gas fitting service in Melbourne, look no further than WP Plumbing! We are the trusted gas fitting specialists in Melbourne.

Gas Fitting
Plumbing For Businesses

Commercial Plumbing

Choosing a plumber can be challenging for a business owner. You must find a service that is reliable, fast, and affordable. Well, that is where WP Plumbing comes in. Servicing Melbourne and the surrounding areas, our plumbers are highly skilled and equipped for all commercial plumbing and gas fitting jobs. We also offer emergency services for any urgent plumbing issues.

We understand owning a business can already be very stressful without the added potential threat of a plumbing issue. That is why you can leave it to us! We are flexible and can schedule a time that suits you and does not affect your business operations. 

Don’t let plumbing problems cause a hassle in your business. Get in touch with our friendly staff today to discuss how we can help you!

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Melbourne Commercial Plumbing
Inner Melbourne Wide Plumbing
Surrounding Suburbs

Inner Melbourne Plumbers

With over 5 million people, businesses and homeowners often search for qualified plumbers. That is why WP Plumbing offers the absolute highest-quality and professional plumbing services to locals in Melbourne, VIC 3000. We can assist with all your plumbing needs!

Having been a local Melbourne plumbing company for over a decade, we have expanded our offerings to more locations across Inner Melbourne. To see a couple of the other areas we service, see below.

WP Plumbing also provides services around Melbourne like Kensington, Flemington, East Melbourne, and Docklands.

Our team also expand our service areas to suburbs similar to Carlton, Parkville, Kingsbury, South Wharf and Southbank.

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Our Melbourne based team are committed to providing the best plumbing service in your area and ensure you are 100% satisfied with our services. Every customer is given the highest quality service and workmanship. That is the WP Plumbing promise!

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WP Plumbing offer all types of plumbing services, and we cannot list them all here; however, you can see some more below.

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