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One of the worst things to see first thing in the morning has to be the sight of overflowing drains bringing all the sewer water in.

Not only is it disgusting to look at, but it can be extremely challenging to deal with. Drains like these can lead to a lot of issues in plumbing. Besides, not fixing a blocked drain can be unhealthy too. This is why there is a need for a team of plumbers that love helping people and encourage healthy environments.

Our team at WP Plumbing is full of experienced people and collectively want to become a leading name in the world of plumbing. If you need a team you can count on for every plumbing issue, contact us now!

The Problem

There can be a ton of reasons as to why a drain might be overflowing. Most of the time, it is a blockage that causes the drain to have backflow and spill the water out the wrong end. Depending on where the drain is, the location determines the possible reasons for the backflow.

Suppose the drain is located outside the house, then it is probably leaves and twigs that may have caused some sort of blockage. However, if the drain is inside the house, a foreign object is most likely to have gotten stuck and caused the overflow. Some of the common deterrents include sanitary napkins, diapers, wipes, tissues etc. There are also times when excess hair can cause a blockage.

While you can deal with these yourself, it is always best to call in a professional. They are the best people to know how to deal with such situations efficiently. Thus, WP Plumbing is an excellent choice in case you need a team to fix overflowing drains and more

The Solution

If you do get in touch with us, our first task would be to identify the cause of the block. This is so that the right solution can be administered to stop the overflowing drains. Like, if it is any foreign object, the best thing would be to use our drain snake tool to get it out. 

On the other hand, the cleaning process will be a bit different from using the drain snake if it is sediments, dirt or plants. If the drain is outside and tree roots are blocking it, the process is different. Not only will it have to be cleared, but there will be a need to keep the surrounding areas clean. 

WP Plumbing is dedicated to finding the problem accurately and ensuring the right solution is used. Be it hair, grease or even bad weather; we are the ones you can always count on.

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Being in the industry for many years has taught us a trick or two. This is why we are focused on becoming a leading name in Australia. We have a team of experienced plumbers that can be relied on for pretty much any service. This is primarily why we specialise in many different services.

We also believe in keeping the process transparent. That is why our rates are always fixed and communicated upfront. They are also unlike any other competitor. That being said, if we have managed to convince you, you can call us on our 24x7 emergency number. Alternatively, you can get in touch via the ‘Contact Us’ form on the website. 

We are eager to help and always waiting to hear from you!

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