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Basin Leak Specialist In Melbourne

Blocked and leaking basins are the two most common plumbing issues in any household and pose a significant inconvenience for any homeowner!

While regular inspection and proper maintenance can successfully prevent such issues, there comes a time where you’ll have to look for more permanent solutions.

Trying to solve basin leaking problems on your own might end up doing more damage than good. Therefore, it is best to hire a professional plumbing company to care for your plumbing issues.

Read on to know more about how to choose a reliable plumbing company that delivers efficient and timely services.

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How To Get In Touch?

Plumbing issues are complicated; contacting us is not! Reach out to us on the helpline number or fill in your details in the form given on our website. One of our trained service representatives will get in touch with you shortly. So, contact us today to get a quote, and we’ll send over one of our trained plumbers to solve your basin leaking issues!

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Services Being Offered

Basins Repaired Quick!

An efficient plumbing company will offer emergency services and proper maintenance suggestions. Given below are some of the services we offer.

1. Emergency Repairs

We do not keep our customers waiting. Our team is available 24 hours on all days of the week to solve all your plumbing issues. So, in case of burst pipes, blocked drains, or sudden leakage, give us a call, and our trained technician will soon be there to assist you.

2. Installation Services

No matter your requirement, we offer all kinds of plumbing and installation services. Be it installing a hot water system, water meters, or installation of pipes - we promise to be your one-stop solution.

3. Free Inspection

When our licensed plumbers arrive at your location, they will carefully inspect all pipelines, faucets, and plumbing appliances. This is a complimentary service, and if they notice other defects in the plumbing line, they will suggest a suitable course of action for the same.

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When To Call Us?

While we have complete faith in your DIY potential, sometimes, you will have to opt for professional assistance. Leaking basins can be messy, and although you might be able to deal with minor issues, there might be some significant problems that require a plumber’s help.

So, if you notice any of the problems specified below, give us a call immediately.

1. Water Flow Has Ceased

If the water supply to the bathroom or kitchen has ceased or there is a reduction in the water pressure, then there’s a problem with the pipeline. Calcium and dirt buildup blocks the channels and reduces the water flow. If left untreated, the pipes can also burst.

2. Slow Drainage

Water accumulation in the sink leads to slow drainage. This is due to dirt and debris buildup in the pipelines that causes leaks and, in some cases, leads to burst pipes.

3. High Water Bills

If your water bills are abnormally high due to constant water leakage, it is time to contact an experienced plumber who will inspect and repair these leaks.

4. Clogged P-Trap

You already know that P-trap controls the foul odour that emanates from the sink. Over time, the accumulation of dust and gunk can block the trap and allow sewer gasses to escape into your house. Besides, this also puts more water pressure on the pipe, leading to backflow of water and leaks.

Unclogging the P-trap is an option, but it is advisable to replace it in case of corrosion.

5. Faulty Faucet

If you notice leaks under the sink or water in the sink constantly, you have the faulty faucet to blame. Worn-out washers and malfunctioning gaskets usually lead to faulty faucets and leaks. Contact us, and our experienced team will take care of the leaks for you.

Why Choose WP Plumbing

Why Choose Us?

Not to gloat, but we offer highly reliable and affordable services. We have an ever-growing team of trained technicians and plumbers who are highly skilled at their jobs.

Besides, we believe in creating and maintaining a good relationship with our customers. To that effect, we have a transparent pricing policy. Our technician will inspect and give you a quote before commencing the job, and there will be no price hikes or unexpected costs later on.

As soon as we receive your request, we will send our team all the necessary equipment. So, be it basin leaking issues, pipe relining, blocked drains, or fittings - we’ve got a solution for all your problems.

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We offer plumbing services right across Victoria, specifically Melbourne. A short list of some of the areas we travel to are below.

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