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Broken Pipe
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Broken Pipe Specialist In Melbourne

Nothing ruins a day like discovering a burst water pipe has flooded your home or business. The moment you notice that first leak or hear gushing water behind the walls, every second counts to prevent further damage. As Melbourne’s premier provider of emergency burst pipe repairs, WP Plumbing understands the stress of a leaking pipe. We have a team of highly trained, professional plumbers ready to respond to your call 24/7.

With decades of experience handling all types of water leak repair jobs, we can locate underground water mains, isolate leaks quickly, and efficiently repair or replace burst pipes. Our complete plumbing services don’t stop at the burst pipe - we’ll check your entire system for additional problems caused by the leak. From quick temporary fixes to full replacement of water lines, we have prevented billions of litres of clean drinking water from going to waste.

Don’t wait - call WP Plumbing now at (03) 9122 8652 for immediate assistance with your burst pipe emergency. Our experts can secure the leak and restore your water service, giving you peace of mind.

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Replacing a broken pipe is difficult but contacting us is super easy. You can call our 24x7 helpline number, and our customer representatives are always ready to answer your queries. They will familiarise you with all our services, provide a free quote and book an appointment.

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Melbourne Pipe Repairs

We provide complete burst pipe repair services in Melbourne for emergency pipe repair jobs and scheduled visits. Attending promptly, we can swiftly diagnose what the problem is, as well as provide a no-obligation assessment and quote.

Our local plumber uses the latest gadgets for repairing burst pipes and restoring the water system. We begin by inspecting the extent and source of the damage, helping us chalk out a plan of action. Sending a camera inside the tube allows us to check for a potential blockage.

Our first job is to stop the main supply line before draining the existing water. And then, we remove the blockage with our advanced equipment depending on the cause of the blockage. Once that’s done, we remove the damaged section, fit the new components and solder the joints. Whether its hidden water leaks, or a problem with water pressure, our burst pipe repair service are the best in Melbourne.

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Burst Water Pipes Don’t Wait for Convenience

We often find blockage inside the pipeline due to objects like paper and tree branches. As the blockage builds up over time, it disrupts water flow, increasing the pressure inside the tube. Ultimately, the water pushes through the fittings, cracking the pipe that needs to be relined.

Another common problem that’s unavoidable is worn-out burst water pipes. Maintenance helps prolong the lifespan of your pipe system, but it can’t prevent the inevitable. With time the pipe starts corroding, leaving you with no choice but to opt for repiping. Our team carries all the relevant materials to handle your plumbing problems, including leaking pipes.

If you live in a colder climate, a burst water pipe can occur from a sharp drop in temperature. Irrespective of your pipe material, freezing temperatures cause the water to freeze and expand. As the frozen water exerts pressure inside, the pipe bursts, leading to severe damage and water supply disruption.

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Protect your entire plumbing system from a severe water leakage with our team at WP Plumbing. Our emergency plumbers are only a call away for any major plumbing issues across Melbourne.

You can also fill out the contact form available on our website. We’ll get in touch at the earliest, and our team will promptly reach your home within 24 hours. Before we start, we will let you know how much your burst water copper pipes repair will cost so there are no nasty surprises. We also assure you that you won’t have to pay any additional costs with our fixed pricing.

So, please hurry and call us or submit the contact form. Then watch as we restore your burst pipe emergency to its former condition.

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We offer plumbing services right across Victoria, specifically Melbourne. A shortlist of some of the areas we travel to is below.

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