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Leaking tap repairs specialist in Melbourne

How often has it happened that you barely touched the tap, and it started leaking?

No wonder our tap repair services are in high demand in Melbourne, offering to fix dripping or leaking taps within the shortest possible timeframe. However, as similar as the two may sound - a drip and a leak have varying degrees of damage.

The first task that we always undertake is to find the source of the leak (or drip) by following the sound of water. Our experts start by removing the previous installation to check if the leakage has led to any corrosion inside the already dripping tap.

If the answer is yes, we will suggest replacing our current tapware. Your new taps will keep the water bill in check and deliver long-lasting performance.

Why Should You Hire Our Plumbing Services?

If you're a DIY enthusiast, you may feel that replacing a leaking tap in Melbourne is no big deal, but it's a lot harder than it looks.

We've seen users accidentally hitting wrong pipes, and therefore, disrupting the entire plumbing line. When it comes to tap repairs, we have a team of experienced and expert plumbers to take care of the plumbing and tap installation. This is essential because even if the taps aren't leaking, a dripping tap always leads to water loss and inflated water bills.

In case you're struggling to choose the right professional plumber Melbourne, if we service your area, we can help you there; just call us! We have professionals with decades of plumbing experience under their belt. When you hire our team of plumbers, you can rest assured that you're getting the cream of the crop.

Our experts are not only equipped to deal with all kinds of tap repairs but also treat every job as their highest priority. We handle both home and office tap repairs and can take care of any tap installation job that comes our way.

How We Can Help?

While our Melbourne plumbing company and service experts are in your home, you can ask them to inspect your garden taps, mixer taps, hot water systems and related water lines. This will allow you to get an idea of the money required to fix the problem.

You can get all the damage repaired right away or do it one at a time. Our top-notch plumbing service ensures that you don't need to worry about the type of fittings or quality of repairs. Rest assured that we will do a thorough job of fixing the problem within the least amount of time.

How To Replace A Leaking Tap Melbourne?

Although leaking tap repairs Melbourne don't take much time, you can always help with the installation process. So, before the plumbers arrive, switch off the main water supply and plug the basin opening to prevent any small tap components from falling in.

You can stop there and leave the rest to us. Our plumbers will fix your tap with the greatest expertise and the best tools on the market. They'll also show you how to maintain your taps, ensuring that you won't need to replace them anytime soon.

Cost Of Replacing A Leaking Tap

First and foremost, our team of experts will look at the problem from various angles to determine how to fix the leaking taps Melbourne. They will turn off the main supply line to prevent flooding the bathroom and replace a leaking tap with a drip-free model.

This isn't as easy as it sounds, which is why we offer a lifetime labour guarantee for customers. Just remember that the cost of the service may vary according to the complexity of the problem. However, since we offer some of the most competitive rates in Melbourne, you won't have to shoulder a financial burden.

Fixing A Mixer Tap

You'll find that mixer taps have many components, but most issues with this model originate in the spout which leads to leakage. Our Melbourne plumber will first remove the snap ring or the screw to pull out the tap spout for further repairs.

The next job is to remove the seal ring (which is usually present inside the tap neck) and replacing it with a new component to repair the leak. In that regard, we always ensure that our plumbing expert carries a new seal in their kit for smooth installation. It'll have to be re-fitted inside the tap neck so that it forms a tight connection with the base.

Lastly, the Melbourne plumber will reattach the tap spout, restoring your mixer tap to its previous condition. All you need to do is check the water pressure to ensure that the installation is holding up, meaning the repair was successful.

Home And Office Repairs

Usually, a Melbourne home suffers from dripping taps due to water pressure problems. So, the common call for help that we usually receive is replacing an old leaking tap.

Sometimes customers may buy new taps, ensuring that they only have to pay for installation and other Melbourne plumbing needs like fixing broken pipes. In that regard, we recommend keeping a few extra taps in storage to handle any emergency.

What's more, fixing a tap leak costs less in the kitchen compared to mending the plumbing system in the bathroom or shower. All you need to do is call the customer service using the "call-us" option available on our company website. This helpline remains operational 24 hours daily, and you can request our Melbourne plumbing experts for upfront pricing based on your plumbing needs.

Similarly, in terms of tap repairs, Melbourne corporate offices regularly call us for service. Due to large numbers of employees, office spaces are frequently plagued by leaking taps.

Leaking taps lead to water wastage and produce higher water bills, proving detrimental to the companies' interests. When calling for replacement services, the company needs to factor in the average cost of parts, tap installation, repairs and any other potential plumbing problems. That's why most leading businesses in Melbourne tie-up with us to replace leaking taps quickly.

How To Contact Us?

In case you're in need of any tap repairs, or hot water maintenance then just visit our website and leave a message on the "contact us" page. You can even place a call to us, or shoot us an email detailing the level of service that you require.

The moment we get to know your problem, we will send an expert and professional Melbourne plumber to look at the various plumbing issues. They will then try to determine whether the taps are leaking or if it's a drip to estimate the workforce needed.

Call Us Today!

That's all you need to know when it comes to leaking tap repairs and your preferred professional plumber Melbourne, and hopefully, you can now make an informed decision.

We recommend you don't try to tackle the task of tap repairs yourself, as this might lead you to fall into a mess. Just place a call to us and our experts will reach your place and conduct a thorough inspection of the problem. Then, after they've explained the entire process of what needs to be done and the cost, they'll start the repair work.

So, it's best that you don't let a small problem balloon into something unmanageable. Just call us and we'll get it done.