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Most hot water heaters today are built to last. However, despite their durability and extended warranties, they do not have uncommon issues.

Think of this scenario: you have just bought a hot water heater that claims to have a long lifespan. Only a few days into the business, you noticed that the machine was starting to malfunction. I’m sure we all dread that as consumers. Isn’t it something that we all dread?

Hot water heaters can malfunction for several reasons, some of which are listed below. If it is a severe issue, you may have to get a new one, but if it is a minor problem, you may have to take it to a professional repair shop.

Regardless of the severity, you must identify what is wrong with your heater before you can devise a solution. And that’s why we have listed some of the most common issues with water heaters so that you can quickly identify and troubleshoot them.

So, let’s dive into it!

Most Common Issues With Hot Water Heaters

1. Getting Cold Water

One reason for this issue is that the heating filament may have malfunctioned. If that is the case, you may need to replace it. However, this issue can occur due to the thermostat not working as it should.

In that case, you can try resetting the water heater by switching it off and back on. Or, try pressing the reset button on the heater if there is any. In most cases, that might solve the problem.

This issue may occur due to the heater not getting any power. Check to see if any tripped fuses are interrupting the power supply. After resetting or replacing the fuse, the heater should function as intended. If it doesn’t, it may indicate a significant problem, and you may need a replacement or seek professional support in such a case.

2. Water Taking Too Much Time To Heat

The main reason for this problem is that you have a faulty thermostat. It may be unable to regulate the temperature efficiently so that the water won’t heat up quickly. One possible fix to this is to reset your heater.

A faulty heating filament may also be a reason, as it may be unable to supply sufficient heat to the water. If that is the case, you must replace the heating filament.

Another reason can be the build-up of sediments on the inner walls of the heater. Due to this, the water may not be getting the required heat to reach the desired temperatures quickly. To solve it, you must clean the interior of your water heater to remove the sediments.

3. Water Leaking From The Heater

A loose connection is the most common reason water leaks through the heater. You can fix this by tightening the screws and hinges around the heater. But if there are no screws to tighten, you can either apply adhesives to secure the loose components or seek a replacement.

Water leaks can be attributed to multiple causes, including a faulty temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve, improper pressure overheating, a stuck valve, a leak from a nearby plumbing connection, loose heating element bolts, and a bad gasket a leaking water tank Check for any loose plumbing connections, tightening (but not over-tightening) them to reduce the leak. Next, check the loose heating element bolts, tightening them if needed.

If the leak appears to be coming from the bottom, you could have an issue with condensation, which can be solved by turning up the thermostat. You could also spill water from your overflow pipe or pressure relief valve. However, this could also indicate tank corrosion, so you must replace your water heater immediately.

Leakages may also occur due to physical damage to the tank. If there are cracks in the tank, you can apply tape to fix them. However, if the damage is significant or there is corrosion in the tank, you may need to get it replaced with the help of a reliable plumber.

4. Heater Dispensing Dirty Water

If you are getting dirty water from the heater, a probable cause is corrosion inside the water tank. In such a situation, you will need to get the tank replaced. However, dirty water may be caused by the deposition of sediments inside the tank. So, to resolve it, you should clean the water tank.

An old anode rod can also be a reason for this issue, which will need to be replaced. Additionally, you can check the heater’s water supply pipe since dirt and sediments in this pipe can make the water dirty. In that case, flush it with clean water or opt for a change.

5. Water From The Heater Has A Repulsive Odour

If the water from your heater smells poor, it is probably due to the deposition of sediments in the tank. In such instances, you should clean the tank to eliminate the deposits and odours.

Another reason may be the presence of bacteria and other microorganisms in the water. So, a straightforward method to eliminate them is to boil the water by setting the temperature high enough. Or, bleach the tank with chlorine to disinfect it. This will kill the microorganisms and eliminate any foul smells.

Fixing Your Hot Water Heaters

Those are some common issues you may encounter with your water heater. You can avoid these issues if you take good care and regularly maintain the heater.

Although some of the above issues can be avoided with proper maintenance, there will always be some that cannot be avoided.

In such cases, follow the solutions we mentioned in this guide to resolve them. If you are running out of hot water, check the size of your tank. Even if you feel this is not something you can do alone, don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance. If you are in Melbourne, make sure you speak to the team at WP Plumbing. We are the experts in all things hot water!

That said, it’s time for us to wrap it up. We’ll be back soon - till then, take care!

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