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Does your kitchen sink take ages to drain the water pooled after washing dishes?

If so, your drain is screaming for help, as it’s likely clogged. From the nasty odour to the gross visuals, such a drain is a nuisance for every homeowner.

The main culprits of kitchen drain blockage are grease, fat, large pieces of food, and accumulated debris. Meanwhile, build-up of hair, soap, and dirt clogs the bathroom drain and prevents the smooth passage of water.

Whether it’s the kitchen or bathroom, clogged drain pipes should be treated immediately, or they might lead to structural damage and severe health issues. This article will discuss all the drain cleaning tools that will come in handy to unclog the drain without calling in a pro.

Drain Cleaning Tools You’ll Need to Unclog A Drain

1. Plunger

If you’re washing the dishes and the water is not draining, try unclogging it with a plunger.

A cup plunger will help you fix your blocked bathtubs, toilets, and kitchen sink drain. You must fill the sink with water, grab a plunger, and pull it up and down multiple times before pulling it off from the opening.

If you’re working on a double-bowl kitchen sink, stuff an old, wet cloth on one drain and plunge the other. For those unversed, let us tell you that stuffing a cloth will deliver direct pressure to the blockage.

Long Plunger Unclog Toilet

2. Cable Auger Or Plumber’s Drain Snake

If you’ve got a blockage deep down the drainpipe, a plunger won’t help much. Thankfully, you can get a cable auger or drain snakes and push it down the drain to pull out or break up stuff clogging it.

Although a 25-foot auger will be perfect for cleaning household drains, they are available in lengths up to 100 feet. Newbies must note that drain augers can puncture or damage the pipes if mishandled, so they must be careful.

Plumbers Snake Unclog Sink Drain

3. Electric Power Auger

Your plumber won’t show up with chemical drain cleaners, so you shouldn’t use these harsh drain cleaner tools either. If you have a clogged drain in your kitchen or bathroom, we recommend purchasing a motorised drain snake to dismantle the blockage in your pipes.

An electric power auger is considered the best to clean more stubborn blockages too far from the fixture.

Its powerful electric motor can cut through almost everything, including tangled tree roots, so you can rest assured that it will help you eliminate all kinds of drain clogs. Of course, electric augers are expensive, so renting them from a rental agency will be the best bet.

Also, don’t forget to ask your rental agent how to use it and retrieve and dispense the cable so that you don’t face issues.

To begin with, plug the auger near the drain pipe and push the cable a few feet deep into the drain pipe. Set it for clockwise rotation before turning on the switch, and thrust the cable into the pipe until you hear the engine bog down or feel resistance.

After that, stop the motor, set it to counterclockwise rotation and pull out a few feet of cable. Keep repeating this for a few more minutes until the clog has cleared away. When done, wrap a Teflon tape around its threads and replace the clean-out plug.

Electric Power Plumber Auger Bathroom

4. Closet Auger

Want to get rid of the blockage in your toilet? Then, the closet auger is the perfect tool for unclogging your toilet drain. Featuring a hand crank, it comes in handy for snaking out toilet clogs without difficulty. The cable isn’t encased in a spool; instead, it is in a rigid shaft.

The end of the auger is sharply curved at a precise angle so that it can easily fit through the curves of a toilet trap.

Place it into the toilet bowl, ensuring that the bent tip faces up, then crank and push down on the handle while holding the tool shaft steadily. Remember to crank it to at least three feet and retrieve it by cranking and pulling up simultaneously. Lastly, clean the drainpipe by flushing the toilet.

Closet Auger Unblock Toilet

Let’s Unclog Your Drain!

Whether it’s the bathroom, kitchen or backyard, you must fix it as soon as you detect a blockage. All you need is the right drain-unblocking tools and techniques to bid farewell to clogged drains forever.

However, even after several attempts, if you cannot unclog the drain, then make sure you admit defeat or wrong attempts can permanently damage the fixtures and plumbing system. Therefore, turning the job over to a professional plumber or a drain-cleaning service is the best bet.

If you are in Melbourne and need assistance clearing your blocked drain or any plumbing services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with WP Plumbing. Our expert Melbourne plumbers have years of experience quickly and efficiently unclogging blocked sewer pipe. Our professional plumbers also offer no-dig pipe relining to repair sewer lines and other pipe damage. Plus, we are available 24/7 for any plumbing emergencies and to unclog drains.

That said, we’ll wind up our informative guide on the topic. Take care and stay safe!

Frequently Asked Questions About Unclogging Drains

What plumbing tools do professional plumbers use for stubborn clogs?

Plumbers often use advanced tools like CCTV drain cameras to inspect pipes and hydro jet drain cleaners that blast clogs with high-powered water jets. For really stubborn clogs, they may also use pipe cameras along with augers and plumbers snakes.

Is baking soda effective for plumbing problems like clogged drains?

While baking soda can help with mild clogs, it is usually not strong enough to fix severe plumbing problems. Professionals use specialized drain augers and snakes that can physically break up stubborn clogs that baking soda cannot fix.

When should I call a professional plumber for a clogged drain instead of trying to unclog it myself?

If basic DIY methods don’t work or the clog is deep in the pipes, call a plumber. They have the right equipment to clear drains and can inspect pipes to identify any underlying issues causing recurring clogs. Trying to clear severe clogs yourself forcefully can damage pipes.

What is hydro jetting equipment, and how do they unclog drains?

Hydro jet drain cleaners use extremely high-pressure water jets to blast away debris and clear even the most stubborn drain clogs. The powerful water can penetrate deep into pipes to eliminate blockages a normal snake cannot reach.

Why is it important to fully clear clogs instead of just pushing them further down pipes?

Pushing clogs further down pipes will lead to recurring drainage issues. Drain augers are designed to fully break up and remove debris causing a clog so water can flow freely again. Partial removal will likely result in another future clog.

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