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Often underestimated, taps play a significant role in a space’s functionality and aesthetics. When choosing a new tap, it’s important to remember that not all materials, shapes, sizes or designs are the same and may not be suitable for your installation. This blog will explore different options to make your tap shopping journey easier.

Whether you’re remodelling your kitchen, renovating your bathroom, or simply looking to upgrade the taps in any room, our comprehensive guide is here to help.

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Exploring Different Types of Taps and Styles

Choosing the proper bathroom and kitchen taps can significantly impact the overall functionality and aesthetics of the space. Your tap choice’s different materials, looks, and functionality should be considered to ensure long-term style and satisfaction. Check out some of the most common tap types below to help inform your decision.

1. Mixer Taps

Mixer taps combine the hot and cold water supply into one stream. They are convenient and easy to use, ideal for commercial kitchens and bathrooms.

Key Features:

  • Single lever for adjusting temperature and flow rate.
  • Ideal for sinks and basins.
  • Modern and sleek design.

2. Pillar Taps

Pillar taps come in a pair, with each tap connected to either the hot or cold water supply. This classic style is often seen in traditional commercial settings.

Key Features:

  • Separate controls for hot and cold water.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Classic and timeless design.

3. Monobloc Taps

Monobloc taps are mixer taps in which the hot and cold water controls are integrated into a single unit. They provide a streamlined look, perfect for modern commercial spaces.

Key Features:

  • Single or dual lever controls.
  • Modern and minimalistic design.
  • Ideal for sinks and basins with a single hole.

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4. Wall-Mounted Taps

As the name suggests, wall-mounted taps are mounted on the wall rather than the kitchen sink or basin. They add a unique touch to any kitchen or bathroom.

Key Features:

  • Saves countertop space.
  • Suitable for freestanding sinks or basins.
  • Modern and chic design.

5. Sensor Taps

Sensor taps are popular for commercial bathrooms due to their hygienic and water-saving features. Motion sensors activate these taps and automatically shut off when not in use.

Key Features:

  • Hands-free operation.
  • Hygienic and water-efficient.
  • Ideal for public restrooms.

6. Pull-Out Spray Taps

Pull-out spray taps are commonly used in commercial kitchens for their flexibility. The spray head can be pulled out from the kitchen tap base, providing an extended range for washing and rinsing.

Key Features:

  • Versatile and flexible.
  • Ideal for large or double sinks.
  • Modern and functional design.

Each type of tap has its advantages and suitable applications. When choosing the right tap, consider your commercial kitchen or bathroom’s style, aesthetics, functionality, and requirements. Making an informed choice to enhance your space’s efficiency and overall look is essential.

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How to Choose the Right Tap for Your Kitchen and Bathrooms

Keeping your finger on the pulse of cutting-edge bathroom and kitchen design is one thing; knowing how to select the best functional choice is another. Choosing the right kitchen tap or bathroom tap is about creating a seamless blend of style and practicality that enhances the overall aesthetic of these spaces.

In the kitchen, where versatility is vital, consider gooseneck taps or pull-out faucets that provide ample space for various tasks, from filling pots to washing produce. Mixer taps with swivel spouts are also handy for maximising sink access.

There are many more materials available these days to replace cast iron or stainless steel. Brushed brass or copper finishes can also provide an instant contemporary touch.

Choosing between traditional elegance and modern minimalism can set the tone for bathrooms. Traditional taps with intricate details can complement a vintage-themed bathroom, while sleek, single-handle designs seamlessly merge with a modern setting. Wall-mounted taps are a unique choice, freeing up counter space and adding an element of sophistication.

When replacing existing tapware, consider if you need one tap hole or multiple holes. Generally speaking, style and personal preference guide most tap selections unless custom fitting is required.

Additionally, the emergence of touchless and sensor taps introduces innovation and hygiene to your kitchen and bathrooms. Remember, each tap you select is an opportunity to express your style and elevate the functionality of your spaces – so choose wisely.

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Specialty Taps for Unique Spaces

In the world of taps, a delightful array of specialty options is designed to cater to unique spaces and specific needs. These taps serve their practical purpose and add a distinct character to the environments they grace.

Consider choosing taps engineered explicitly for durability against the elements in outdoor kitchens or utility rooms. These weather-resistant faucets ensure functionality without compromising style.

You might opt for sleek and compact taps for bars or entertainment areas that facilitate efficient beverage dispensing. In pet grooming stations or laundry rooms, taps with high-precision pull-out sprays make tasks like washing pets or pre-treating laundry a breeze.

Regarding these specialised spaces, your specialised taps significantly enhance convenience and usability while reflecting your style. Whether it’s an industrial-chic outdoor tap or a multi-functional laundry room fixture, these specialty taps bring an extra layer of functionality and charm to every corner of your home.

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Trendy Tap Designs to Elevate Your Space

Exploring trendy tap designs is an exciting endeavour if you want to infuse your living spaces with a touch of contemporary flair. These taps are more than just functional fixtures; they’re artistic statements that can elevate the overall ambience of your rooms.

Consider opting for matte black finishes that exude modern elegance and pair exceptionally well with monochromatic colour schemes. If you’re drawn to a more industrial aesthetic, brushed nickel taps with their subtle sheen can be a perfect fit.

For those seeking a splash of luxury, champagne gold or rose gold taps bring a lavish feel to your space. Geometric and angular tap designs offer a sculptural element that blends harmoniously with modern interiors.

Additionally, taps with integrated LED lights are gaining popularity, transforming the water flow into a mesmerising visual feat. Explore these trendy tap designs, and remember that each choice is an opportunity to showcase your unique style and create a lasting impression in your home.

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Connecting with WP Plumbing

Our comprehensive guide has navigated you through the intricate world of tap selection, ensuring that every room in your home receives the attention it deserves. We’ve covered everything from traditional elegance to modern minimalism, specialty taps, and trendy designs.

The suitable taps enhance functionality and contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your spaces. As you find the perfect taps, remember that WP Plumbing is here to support you.

Our expert team is ready to help you make the best choices for your home. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiries or guidance—your dream spaces are just a tap away.

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